Learning Styles


The visual learning style means they learn best by being taught with things they can physically see such as facial expressions and gestures of a teacher. Videos and pictures also help visual learners. This is because it helps them recall what they learnt as they find it easier to think back to events when they have been taught visually through things such as videos and pictures. However the setback with visual learning is that they struggle when text is the only thing available. This means while they have an advantage with visual areas they struggle with anything that doesn’t have visual aid.


The kinesthetic learners prefer a more hands on and practical approach. This means they learn best through interaction as a result try to take part in as many activities as possible. Examples of this is taking part whenever a practical is taking place to help remember what you have done in the future. It is a lot easier to remember things they have done which they interacted with which means it’s important to interact as much as possible in order to learn. The kinesthetic learning style means they struggle to learn when they have to listen and cannot interact. Kinesthetic learners struggle with sitting there for a long time and often fidget which means they do there best to avoid things such as listening to teachers for long periods of time.


The auditory style is people who prefer to learn by hearing the things they would like to learn. Examples of this is listening to presentations, class discussions and text that is being read out. The advantages of this style is that you can learn things without having to see them. This can save time if you have a lot of work to do especially proving beneficial in times of pressure and deadlines. A problem with the auditory learning style is that they will struggle to learn if they are in a loud environment and need quiet to be able to learn properly.

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How it aids the PDP

The learning style aids my PDP because i identified i am an auditory learner. This means i learn better when listening to people. I improve by listening to presentations and class discussions. This means I always attend my lessons to make sure i learn the best. As a result it aids my PDP as it helps the targets i set which involve assignments and java. As a result of this I met many of my targets easily due to identifying my learning style.

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