Simon Bolivar

About Bolivar's life

Simon Bolivar was born in Venezuela in 1783. Bolivar died December 17, 1830. Bolivar was a creole which is someone who is born in the new world and has European ancestors. The nickname of Bolivar was "The Liberator".

Bolivar's strive to liberate Latin America

Bolivar helped bring independence to Bolivia, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, and Venezuela. The main reason that all these countries wanted to be free was because they were tired of listening to the Spaniards. Bolivar attacked New Granada which is said to be one of the most daring attacks in military history. In the Battle of Boyaca Bolivar caught the Spaniards off guard and was able to have the Spaniards surrender. Bolivar was able to win the battle in Peru even though the Spanish army's position was described as unable to be attacked.