Princess Diana

Patrick Dermarchelier

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Background History

Patrick Demarchelier was born on August 21, 1943, near Paris. On his 17th birthday he received a camera and learned how to develop a film, retouch the negatives, and started shooting friends and some weddings. He also worked for Harpers Bazar and Vogue. Patrick Demarchelier was the first non-British photographer to click the British Royal Family. In 1989, he became Princess Diana's official photographer. This relationship between them lasted until her untimely death in 1997. Patrick shot four beautiful covers of Diana for the British Vogue published in 1991, 1994, and 1997. This picture is famous because it showed how she was liked by so many people. It talked about how she was killed in a car accident. In her reading of confession, the reader will be able to unravel the mystery of the great women of the past century. The photo was published in July 2007 issue of Vanity Affair. This photo was taken in studio.

My Opinion

Yes, I do like this portrait because I like how the image was taken and how it was set up. She makes the picture look really good. What makes it unique is how she is posed in th photo and how it is set up. No I would not change anything about this picture. Yes they captured the persons personality by how she is really pretty in this picture. I really do like this photo of Princess Diana, becuase I like the lighting of it and how the picture was taken.

By: Donelle Karpisek