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April 5th- April 12th

Weekly Announcements

Senior Scholarship Application Update...

Fill-able versions fixed with correct dates both in Pages/Word versions. Download, complete and return to Mr. Treadwell by the 8:00AM Friday, April 16th:

Click HERE to view folder

Trip Document Update!!!

More info to follow up from Hawaii trip meeting last night.




Newsletter Top 10 (As of 4/1)

1. Congratulations to all 4 of our performing ensembles for a wonderful day of UIL performances yesterday!!

Our next live performance/recording will be on April 12th for Sym 1/Honors at 7:00pm. Our goal is to fill the auditorium up!! (masks will still be required)

Percussion will be featured in their own separate concert on April 15th. It will be an epic concert! A good one to experience the full spectrum and skill of our Boyd percussionist.

2. Spring Trip 2022 zoom meeting is TONIGHT (April 1st at 7:00PM) (CLICK HERE TO VIEW FLYER). DON'T MISS OUT!

***All incoming 9th graders are encouraged to attend this meeting even if you are not planning on traveling with us.

3. Class of 2021: Be on the lookout for MBHS band scholarship info from the senior liaisons that will be sent out tomorrow (4/2). Applications are due on April 16th.

4. PHYSICALS are now able to be accepted for 2021-2022. Official flyer for MBHS PHYSICAL CLINIC DAY HERE (CLICK) We have official forms printed out in the BH, students can grab one at any time.

5. All audition letters and materials are below and posted on the canvas audition page (**If you have not accepted or seen a canvas audition page invitation, send us a message and we can get you added almost instantly)

6. Important date flyer for the rest of the semester into next fall, VIEW HERE (ESPECIALLY USEFUL FOR INCOMING 8TH GRADERS)

7. Sectional schedule/ April 12th rehearsal schedules for the next few weeks updated below.

8. Avram Astu Foundation registration. A collaboration of scholarship, mentor ship and educational development. (Not Required but an exceptional opportunity) More info below.

9. Need to make a payment on your account, but are not sure how? Please see this document for step by step instructions.

10. View, Order & Share your band photos, Link and more info below for Smugmug!!

Hawaii trip 2022 meeting TONIGHT (4/1) and SCRIPT!!

Don't miss our informative trip meeting tonight @ 7:00pm. (ALL INCOMING 9TH MEMBER'S ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND REGARDLESS OF TRAVEL INTEREST)

We will take the first few minutes of this meeting to quickly talk to incoming members about important things happening over the next few weeks/months as you transition to HS.

There is no final commitment required by attending the meeting tonight, but you will have the opportunity to reserve your spot afterwards if you so wish. Reservations are "first come, first served"

Zoom Meeting info:

Meeting ID: 896 9597 7302

Passcode: 177631

Info on how to easily Fund raise below, click on the button about script!

There is no final commitment to anything by attending the meeting).

Physicals for 2021-2022 ***Incoming 8th graders included in this message***


All students in marching band must complete this process before they are allowed to participate EVERY YEAR!!!

It must be completed on the official MISD form, electronic version ATTACHED HERE (CLICK), printed forms are available in the band hall and can be picked up at any time

There are district clinics hosted at each HS.

You can attend any school, just mention you are with Boyd Band.

Boyd's is April 24th, Check out our flyer HERE (CLICK)

Fall of 2021 Auditions.....

The end of semester auditions for next year (2021-2022) for the incoming 9th graders and next years 10th, 11th and 12th graders will be submitted virtually through a Canvas classroom APRIL 26th-28th

You will record/perform as many major scales (12 maximum) and your full range chromatic scale in as many octaves as you are able to in a SINGLE video submission. (only 1 video accepted from each audition-er). Arpeggios are not necessary and will get you no extra credit for this audition.




Percussion Corner....

It’s going to be a busy few weeks for the percussion section! We have our first recording date this Saturday, April 3rd, involving mostly first period students. I’ve attached the schedule for that day HERE(CLICK) The second and final recording date is Saturday, April 17th. Students have been aware of these dates for months, and they were emailed out over a month in advance, so conflicts should not be an issue.

PERCUSSION SOLO CONTEST (SATURDAY MAY 15th) – We have finalized the date for the percussion solo contest. This involves all HS and MS students. Each student will have a 10-15 minute time slot to get to play for and work with a judge.Families and friends of students are invited to come watch the solos they have been working on all semester! If a student has a particular need to go earlier or later in the day, simply contact me and I’ll work to move their time to one that fits their schedule that day.

Reminder that the percussion concert is Thursday, April 15th. All HS percussion students should plan to block out both April 14th and 15th after school completely. There will be a few rehearsals April 12th (asynchronous day) and 13th, which will be listed on the concert week schedule. Be on the lookout for that within the next week!

The students are really excited to share these pieces with you. Their hard work is starting to pay off, and the energy around the studio is really something to behold.

ONE FINAL NOTE ABOUT DRUMLINE AUDITIONS – Starting the week after the ensemble concert, our drumline audition process begins immediately. The drumline audition letter and material has been available for two weeks via the band newsletter and the audition canvas page, but I thought I would attach it HERE (CLICK) as well . It includes dates for audition help sessions, as well as important summer dates.

Thanks for all that you do for your kids. I consider it a privilege to work with this group, and I think they have an incredibly bright future ahead of them if they continue to work as they have so far.

Sectionals for the next week....

Always reference the google calendar, but here is a glance of the next few weeks sectional schedule by band.


Full Band Rehearsal w/ Percussion- Monday 4/5: 3:30-5:30pm

Full Band Rehearsal w/ Percussion- Monday 4/12: 5:15-6:30pm

UIL Recording/Performance- Monday 4/12: 7:00pm

Sym 1:

Full Band Rehearsal w/ Percussion- Tuesday 4/6: 3:00-4:30pm

Full Brass- Tuesday 4/7: 3:00-4:30pm

Full WW- Tuesday 4/7: 4:45- 6:15pm

Full Band Rehearsal w/ Percussion= Monday 4/12: 4:00-5:00pm

UIL Recording/Performance- Monday 4/12: 7:00pm

Full Band w/ Percussion- Tuesday 4/20: 4:15-5:45pm

Full Band w/ Percussion- Wednesday 4/28: 4:15-5:45pm

Full Band w/ Percussion- Monday 5/10: 4:15-5:45pm

Sym 2:

Full Band w/ Percussion- Tuesday 4/20: 3:00-4:00pm

Full Band w/ Percussion- Wednesday 4/28: 3:00-4:00pm

Full Band w/ Percussion- Monday 5/10: 3:00-4:00pm


No After School Rehearsals

Avram-Astu Foundation and Boyd Band Collaboration!

The Avram Astu Foundation was created 2 years ago as a remembrance and vision of Rajiv Suresh who was an Alumni of the Boyd band.

It is intended and inspired to be a holistic network to impact student growth and achievement.

We intend to use this network next year as tutoring/academic network to facilitate for our program.

Please Register at

Benefits of registering

  • Earn volunteer hours: they can earn those by participating in the discussion, asking questions and replying to others’ questions and comments.
  • Earn volunteer hours by spending time helping their friends and family register on the site; whether in Boyd or people over 18 years in colleges that they are aware of. For college students registering as mentors, they can also earn volunteer credits that will be useful for their graduate study applications.
  • We will have a volunteer hour reporting form available in the next couple of months, which they will fill out and submit to us so that we can issue a certificate of volunteering.

We are asking anyone interested to register as non-scholarship students.

Benefits of registering will be the same as for the scholarship students.

  • Basically, if they spend hours helping others in the tutoring sessions on various subjects, they can utilize the website discussion forums to post the questions and answer them. This will formalize the help that they are providing, and this way they can earn volunteer credits (for something that they already do). Formalizing it, will also help students realize their strengths and help them write essays for college applications and scholarships.

Need volunteers for Spring Concessions....

We need parent and student volunteers to help with Spring Concessions!!

All student volunteers can earn credit toward their leadership candidacy, earning their green cord or NHS!!!

There are currently opportunities to work Spring Concessions on the membership toolkit. These concession proceeds go toward our band fees for next year.

In addition to parent volunteers, band students are able to volunteer to get volunteer credit to go toward their green cords.

Dates are 4/30.

Sign into the membership toolkit and go to "volunteer" there will be the time slots available that we need your help to fill.

Thank you,

Erica Ray, VP-Volunteers

McKinney Boyd High School Band Boosters

Spring Semester Calendar Updates/Adjustments

Big picture

Band Banquet (Updated)

We are looking forward to hosting band banquet this year on Saturday May 15th.

Due to restrictions for hotels we have come up with a potential alternative that can safely include all band members/families.

We will host banquet on Boyd campus, IN THE AUDITORIUM @ 5:00pm. With the exception of dinner/dancing, we will be able to celebrate the year, distribute awards and present our end of year videos like "normal" while maintaining distance protocol.

More info to come soon, but we are excited for this opportunity.

Stay updated each Newsletter for more updates....

Spring Trip: Update

Latest update (2/7):

More and more families are receiving their refunds. Please insist on speaking with a manager/higher up. This seems to be a winning strategy.

Our booster band president is a great resource of getting examples of documentation that you may need. (All examples should be in the folder below)


Previous Updates/Info:

MISD has cancelled any ability to host outside over night trips for the remainder of the school year. (UIL Concert & SR, Winterguard, day trips do not fall under this umbrella).

Families have been steadily recieving refunds from the insurance company and we are finding that it is taking a bit more "active" insistence to get that response.

I have added the following tips in the Claim folder link below from a parent that has found success in getting their refund. (CLICK HERE for the Shortcut)


We are going to send out our latest refund this week (9/28-10/2)

***Those families that purchased insurance will have to go back to their claim and adjust the amount that has been refunded!

All families who have purchased insurance can now begin filing their claims.

Our dates are 4/24-4/27.

***Even though we are making progress, there are still forms that we do not have access to and are working to get more information. Please feel free to call/work with the insurance company for clarifications. I will update forms in the hub as I get them.

We have 15 months from point of cancellation to complete our claims.

Information that I currently have access to for claim purposes:

Official Cancellation date: 3/24/20 (NEW CANCELLATION LETTER NOW ADDED TO DRIVE)

Original Deposit date: 6/10/2019

Google Drive Claim Document Hub for Parents

(Will continue to be updated as information is made available to me):

Corpus Trip Cancellation Claim Documents

I hope that it is clear we are being as transparent in this process as we can and are all working to find solutions for everyone.

***Understand that this is a point of high stress for every director/travel agency in the country at this point. I do not have all the answers but you can rest assured that taking care of our families is the highest point of focus right now and doing right by you is my highest priority. I am doing EVERYTHING in my power to protect you and find solutions. If you reach out to me with trip questions, I will respond as quickly as I can within 24-48hrs. I appreciate all your grace and patience.

View/order Photos from smugmug, New photos being added every week!

View, Share & order band photos from smugmug with this link:

Password: broncoband

Seniors only! Scholar Artist's of the Week up for grabs!


1. Edit this file in the original Microsoft word format.

2. Turn it in with a High Resolution .jpg photo of yourself to Mr. Treadwell

Encourage you to brag about yourself a bit on the application. Probably good to keep it during your HS years and fairly Fine Arts related. Although if you are next in line to overthrow Joey Chestnut in the Nathan’s Hotdog Eating Competition, that may be something exciting to hear about. ;)

Volunteer work, Church Mission trips, after school jobs, plans after high school are always encouraged to include.

Remind 101 UPDATE/ARCHIVE: Resign up for new group ASAP

Remind is the quickest and easiest way for us to send information out. ***We require all students to join and strongly encourage parents to do also in order to stay informed.

Text the following code to the #81010 :

9th grade student: @boydband9

10th grade student: @boydband10

11th grade student: @boydband11

12th grade student: @boydband12

9th grade parent: @mbbandfm9

10th grade parent: @mbbandfm10

11th grade parent: @mbbandfm11

12th grade parent: @mbbandfm12

Incoming parent/student (current 8th grader): @mbhs8to9

Calendar for the Week

Monday (4/5)- Honors band full band rehearsal w/ percussion 3:30-5:30pm

Tuesday (4/6)- STAAR TESTING DURING CLASSES, Sym 1 full band rehearsal w/ percussion 3:00-4:30pm

Wednesday (4/7)- Sym 1 Full brass 3:00-4:30pm, Sym 1 Full WW 4:45-6:15pm

Thursday (4/8) - STAAR TESTING DURING CLASSES, Drum Major Prep camp 2:45-4:15pm

Friday (4/9)-

Monday (4/12)- Asynchronous day, Sym 1 full band w/ percussion 3:00-4:00, Honors full band w/ percussion 5:15-6:30pm, Recording Concert (Honors & Sym 1 only) 7:00-8:30pm

Looking Ahead

4/12: Honors/Sym 1 UIL recording concert

4/15: Percussion Concert

4/26-4/27: Auditions for Fall 2021

5/3: WW/Guard Leadership Auditions

5/4: Brass/Percussion Leadership Audtions

5/5: Drum Major Auditions

5/11: Spring Concert

5/13: "Jazz in the Courtyard"

5/15: Band Banquet

5/17-5/18: Mini Marching Camp

5/22: Band Registration

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