N.A.S.A ----- by: Kawan Cloud

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what was the change?

One of the changes was the theory of the sun being the center point of the universe (heliocentric theory) , and the theory of the earth being the center point of the universe (geocentric theory) .
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Who were the people associated in the change?

  • Johannes Kepler was associated in the change (he worked on the three laws of planetary)
  • Nicholaus Copernicus was associated in the change ( argued against the geocentric theory)
  • Isaac Newton was also associated with the change ( responsible for the law of universal gravitation)
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How did the change impact the society?

One very big change was how the church disagreed with Galileo's work. So they threatened to torture him, forcing him to sign a confession saying that the heliocentric model was untrue and heresy.
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How did that change effect today's modern society?

Today we have more advanced technology and resources , such as N.A.S.A. And until this day their is living proof of the heliocentric theory.
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