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The South

The Southern states were called the Southern states during and after the Civil War, when they split off as the Confederacy of America. Throughout time, other states were also added on to this. The South is known for its humid-subtropical climate and the lush mixed forests it holds. The climate and vegetation is what makes the South a great place to live.


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State Facts:

Abbreviation: Ala. or AL

Capital: Montgomery

Largest City: Birmingham

Area: 52,423 square miles

Population: 4,833,722

Resident names: Alabamers or Alabaman

State Symbols:

Nickname: "Heart of Dixie" or the "Yellowhammer State."

Motto: "Audemus jura nostra defendere" which means "We dare defend our rights."

Song: Alabama

More State Symbols:

The Alabama State Song, "Alabama"

History of Alabama:

- It was the 22nd state formed in 1819, which was once roamed on by Native Americans and Europeans.

- Cotton and Slave Labor were main resources needed and used in the South, especially Alabama.

- Montgomery was the 1st Confederate capital during the Civil War times.

- In the mid-20th century, American Civil Rights movement was centered in Alabama and held Montgomery bus boycotts.

- Fueled jobs in aerospace, agriculture, auto production, and the service sector.


Alabama grows cotton, corn, peanuts, soybeans, povitary, and livestock. Resource wise, they have hydroelectric power, coal, limestone, iron ore, and steel-making.

Tourism in Alabama:

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Alabama's Flag

Alabama's flag has a crimson cross on top of a white background. The crimson cross symbolizes saint Andrew on a field of white.

Infamous People Who Were Born In Alabama


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State Facts:

Abbreviation: KY

Capital: Frankfort

Largest City: Louisville

Area: 40,409 square miles

Population: 4,339,367

Resident name: Kentuckians

State Symbols:

Nickname: "Bluegrass State."

Motto: "United we stand, divided we fall."

Song: "My Old Kentucky Home."

John Prine - My Old Kentucky Home

History of Kentucky:

- When the white settlers came to what we call Kentucky, which was in 1650, battles were broken out between Native American tribes.

- In 1769, a party of hunters returned to Kentucky for a two-year exploration of the region.

- In 1774, the first permanent settlers lived in Kentucky.

- Kentucky was originally apart of Virginia, until it split apart in 1776.

- Kentucky made their constitution in 1800.

- During the Civil War, Kentucky held people believing in both loyalist parties. Abe Lincoln and Jefferson Davis were both born in Kentucky.

- A Gold Vault was found in Fort Knox in 1936, where many people fled to during the time.


- Tobacco, corn, peanuts, and wheat

- Horse-raising, whiskey, and anthracite coal

- Automobiles and trucks

Infamous People Who Were Born in Kentucky

Tourism in Kentucky

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Kentucky's Flag

Kentucky's flag has a navy blue background with the words "Commonwealth Of Kentucky," around the seal. In the seal, it has the state's motto. It also has a pioneer and a statesmen representing all of the people and representing the motto.