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Making our way through 3rd Quarter...

I am looking forward to 3 days in the building this week, as I will be out Wednesday for principal's meetings and Thursday for new teacher interviews. Due to individual meetings with staff and meetings outside the building, I have not been in classrooms as much as I would have liked. I am looking forward to being in classrooms this week and witnessing the magic that each of you do on a daily basis! I have enjoyed our meetings but I know I have failed to mention "evidence in Tower" in every meeting. As a baseline, I am asking that each staff member provide at least 3 artifacts as evidence (1 for each indicator). This is just a baseline, you can certainly add more if you have more.

If I ran out of time or simply forgot, I will be checking your G.R. data binder this week as a part of our building indicator in Tower. Every classroom teacher is still expected to be teaching G.R. daily and maintaining data on each student. Thank you for continuing to implement the components we focused on last year. We will be coming back around to those components in the near future to ensure fidelity still exists with G.R.

Have a WONDERFUL week and thank you for all the little things you do that are above and beyond-you really are heroes!


Since last week was spent celebrating our school counselor, it seems appropriate to spotlight Alison this week! Alison is a true counselor who cares about every student, staff member and family at Sequiota. Alison wears many hats, and has proven to be a valuable resource for staff, students & the family as a whole. Alison serves as TST coordinator, Innovation Team representative, plans and leads Civility Assemblies, teaches classes weekly, collaborates w/Tanya to implement PBL & makerspace, meets with students individually, in groups and meets with families to support our students at home. Alison has also stepped up this year as a lead teacher and has handled many issues for me when I am out of the building. Alison is funny and brings a little laughter with her wherever she is. Alison works hard to build relationships with staff members enabling her to provide support to staff as well. Alison is a terrible member of the interview team because she likes every candidate and validates why we should hire everyone (we will have to work on that...)!

If you don't know...Alison has a thing for Justin Timberlake, so...."Senorita" is her song because Alison, You deserve a crown!! Thank you for providing support to all of us at Sequiota!!

Justin Timberlake - Senorita live

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