Cri Du Chat

By: Katelyn Williams

What is Cri Du Chat?

Cri Du chat is a genetic disorder that happens when you are born. This disease is not inherited and randomly happens. It is not common and they still don't know the cause of it. One of the signs is a high pitched cat like cry. This can sometimes go away with time.

What happens?

People with this disorder have missing piece of genetic coding on the small arm gene on chromosome number 5. This also happens during the formation of reproductive cells or early fetal formation stages.

What can a doctor do to help this?

A doctor can not get rid of the disease of course but with a team of parents, therapists and medical professionals,they can live long and meaningful lives. People living with this are helped to feel better with their support staff.

What things I need to know about this disease?

People with this genetic disease are generally happy and social. And they have distinctive facial features. They tend to have the high pitched cry and they sometimes have language difficulties and some have learned to say small phrases and sentences.