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Hello future pet owner! I will send this flyer to any dreamer who dreams of having a pet jaguar! I will guarantee you that having a jaguar is lots of fun!
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Jaguar Facts

Did you know jaguars are the largest South American big cat? How cool! The can grow up to 6ft. long and live from 12-15 years. Jaguars also live near South and Central America.

You may wonder, why is this big cat name "jaguar"? Well, the name "jaguar" comes from the Native American word yaguar which mean "he who kills with one leap".


Jaguars eat many land and water animals. Wait. They eat water animals? In fact, they do! Usually, big cats don't even go near water unless if they are thirsty. But, jaguars are great swimmers. Jaguars eat water animals such as fish, caimans, and turtles. For land animals, they eat deer, tapirs, and peccaries.

WARNING: Jaguars will climb up trees and eat their prey in just one powerful bite!

Births of New Cubs

Mother jaguars who are going to give birth are going to probably have 1-4 cubs in their litter. Also, cubs stay with their mother for maybe more than two years is because they would learn the basic survivals a jaguar would need to know. By the way, when cubs are born, they are born blind and helpless, so let the mother jaguars do the work.

WARNING: Mother jaguars are very protective! They will attack ANYONE. (even the father!).


Jaguars will mark their territory by either clawing trees or marking with their "waste".

Reasons Why These Beautiful Jaguars are Being Hunted!

These fine creatures are being hunted for their luxurious spotted fur for blankets and clothing. Also, they are killed by ranchers because (sometimes) jaguars would kill the rancher's livestock. So, if you would like to help, please call this number down below:


Thank You for your help! (if you did)

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