Robby Toledano

Robby Toledano: Chicago Native

Robby Toledano

Robby Toledano is a native of the City of Chicago. He was born in Chicago in 1972, and was raised in the Chicago suburb of Oak Park, where he attended Oak Park River Forest High School until graduation in 1990. Robby Toledano studied Graphic Design at the University of Illinois until 1996, when he joined the United States Marine Corps. He served admirably in the USMC for four years before returning to the University of Illinois.

Robby Toledano – USMC Recruiter

Robby Toledano is a proud and distinguished member United States Marines Corps. Toledano joined the United States Marine Corps in 1996. At the time, he had left the University of Illinois at Chicago in the midst of his junior year. He served on active duty for the next four years. He later returned to the same university to attain his undergraduate degree. In 2002, he received a Master of Fine Arts degree. While he was pursuing this degree, he served in the Marines Corps Reserves until such time that he graduated. He then recommitted to the Marine Corps and was called up to serve in Iraq. This deployment lasted for eleven months with the 2nd Battalion of the 24th Marines.

Master Sergeant Robby Toledano returned to the states after his service and has been in the field of recruiting for the service ever since. In his role as a recruiter and the position he now holds as a Senior Recruiting Liaison, he is responsible for military recruitment of civilians into the Corps. This includes not only finding volunteers to join the service, but also the responsibility for preparing these volunteers for United States Marine Corps Recruit Training, Officer Candidates School, or the United States Naval Academy. Marines Corps Recruiters serve as the entry into the Corps through a variety of means. The majority of accessions are enlisted, but those who qualify can attempt to earn a commission and potentially become an officer. Each potential recruit is screened by recruiters for physical standards and fitness. They are screened for having adequate education, a lack of significant civil convictions, a lack of significant drug use, among other requirements. Recruiters also help candidates select their specialty they will learn and serve under while in the Corps. Toledano is very experienced in all aspects of recruiting.

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Robby Toledano Enjoys Reading History

Robby Toledano is a Staff Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps that has served this country for the past eighteen years. He is a veteran of active duty and time spent in the Military Reserves. Since 2006, Sergeant Toledano has served as a recruiter for the Marines, helping candidates qualify and gain entrance into the service. Robby Toledano is a participant in history, and a fan of history. He loves history so much he reads about it all the time.

Sergeant Robby Toledano loves reading any History books ranging from prehistory to the modern era. His favorite period if he had to choose might be about the Romans, the Medieval era or the Napoleonic era. Toledano feels that reading history can be as entertaining as fiction. Toledano also feels that history is a deep well of knowledge that too few people venture within. One of his favorite types of history books would be a collection of narratives, or a collection of oral histories because they are primary sources and so incredibly interesting. In reading these types of books you not only learn about the history, but the perspective and culture of the people who experienced these events. This in turn brings history even more alive for Toledano. Historical fiction and biographies can both provide excellent sources of reading for pleasure and gaining knowledge. There are qualities that each should contain to make them worthwhile. Robby Toledano finds current and classic history books to be intriguing and he picks them up from wherever he can. Places like Amazon, EBay and the library are great sources for great books.

Robby Toledano, Pursuing the Master of Legal Studies

Robby Toledano is currently working toward his Master of Legal Studies degree at American Military University and expects to receive it in May of 2015. Toledano is a United States Marine with a record of distinction. He earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago, where he maintained a 3.7 grade point average. Robby Toledano has served in the United States Marine Corps since 1996, on active duty and in the Military Reserve. In the year 2000, while serving in the Reserves, he resumed his studies at the University of Illinois at Chicago. He had previous left school in his junior year when he first joined the Marines. He went on to graduate in 2002 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

Sergeant Toledano served eleven months in the Babil province of Iraq with the 2nd Battalion, 24th Marines. Since 2006, he has been on active duty as a Marine Recruiter. He has managed to continue his education. Robby Toledano started out with an Officer Recruiting Course with the Marines in 2008 and earned an Achieve Global IN. Sales Certification in 2005. He has also recently completed work on a Master of Business Administration degree. He achieved this distinction from the American Military University in 2013. Sergeant Toledano also received a number of distinctive accomplishments in his service. He received the Combat Action Ribbon and the USMC Good Conduct Medal. He received the Meritorious Mast twice in his career, and has received four Good Conduct medals while in the USMC Reserve, additionally two Certificates of Commendation and a Navy Commendation Medal.

Graphic designers like Robby Toledano's father work closely with clients to produce concepts and then make them tangible. And Robby Toledano had the background and ability. "I am an avid artist, with strong illustrative skills." But in the end he decided it was not a career for him. He graduated with a degree in Fine Arts in 2002, but did not pursue a career in graphic arts. He went back on active duty, spent eleven months in Iraq, and after that stayed in the Marines as a recruiter. He earned a Master of Business Administration from American Military University and is currently working toward a Master of Art in Legal Studies.

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Robby Toledano: Condominium Snag

Robby Toledano is an eighteen-year veteran of the United States Marine Corps. As a veteran he has never asked for any special privileges, but he tries to take advantage of the benefits that, as a veteran, he is entitled to.

He found himself in a strange position when he tried to buy a single bedroom condominium in suburban Chicago. He liked the place and it fit his needs, so he came to an agreement with the seller and got the paperwork in motion with his mortgage company.

Then things hit a snag when the he learned that the condominium building had not been certified by the United States Department of Veteran Affairs. VA benefits allow veterans like Robby Toledano to buy property with no money down. The VA, in turn, guarantees thirty thousand dollars on his behalf, in the event he defaults on the loan or is unable to pay the bills. "It is telling the bank, hey, we are backing this guy for thirty grand no matter what happens," Robby Toledano said. "The government is going to pay in case you run away to Mexico or default or whatever. It puts me in a better position than a civilian to a bank."

His loan processor offered to try get the condominium approved. But the property management company that owned it was not willing to cooperate, apparently on the assumption that it would take too long to complete all of the necessary paperwork. The condo association voted against being VA certified and the deal that Robby Toledano thought he had, fell through.

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Robby Toledano: Staying In Shape

Robby Toledano is a proud member of the United States Marine Corps. He first joined the Marines in 1996, leaving the University of Illinois at Chicago in his junior year in order to serve his country. He spent four years on active duty. Because he has a strong sense of improving himself, he returned to school and completed his undergraduate degree, receiving a Master of Fine Arts in 2002.

Robby Toledano was in the Military Reserves as he completed his degree at the University if Illinois at Chicago. He was reactivated not long after graduation and served for eleven months overseas, in the Babil province of Iraq with the 2nd Battalion of the 24th Marines. He returned in 2005 and volunteered to remain on active duty. He has been in military recruiting ever since.

The Marines have a well-earned public image as being among the toughest in America's armed services. Staff Sergeant Robby Toledano knows what a valid image it is. As a recruiter he is not involved with military maneuvers the way he used to be, but he loves exercise and works hard to stay in shape. As he knows, regular workouts help to prevent heart disease and a host of other health problems. Regular exercise helps him to stay fit and trim. He has also learned over the years that a daily exercise regimen also helps him to sleep. Studies have shown repeatedly that people who get a lot of exercise generally have less trouble falling asleep and staying asleep than people who don't get enough exercise.

But most of all, Robby Toledano works out because he enjoys it, so in addition to the health benefits derived from an active lifestyle, he has a lot of fun along the way.

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Robby Toledano: Reading History

Robby Toledano is a Staff Sergeant in the United States Marine Corps. He has been in the Marines for eighteen years, most of that time on active duty that includes eleven months spent in Iraq with the 2nd Battalion in the 24th Marines. He has been a Marine recruiter since 2006.

Robby Toledano is the son of a graphic artist who came to the United States from his native Mexico during the 1940s. Like his father, he is also a skilled artist, and for a time considered a career like his father's. He attended the University of Illinois at Chicago and received a Master of Fine Arts degree in 2002. He later decided against being a graphic artist and has been in the Marines for most of his adult life.

During his free time Robby Toledano enjoys reading, especially history. As he knows, some people think that history is a dry subject, and not all that important to modern life. He could not disagree more; studying the past, he believes, sheds light on the present. Ignorance of the past, he says, has the effect of depriving us of knowledge that could be a guide for public action in the present.

He knows that there is a saying among historians that history is simply a version of past events that people have decided to agree upon. Since there is a lot of truth to that he believes it is important to read broadly on a given topic so that he can get many views, find the common threads among them, and common to an informed opinion of his own.

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Robby Toledano: Traditions of the Marine Corps

Robby Toledano, as a veteran of the Marine Corps for almost two decades, knows that there are a number of traditions within the Marine Corps that have been handed down. These traditions are more than just customs or beliefs. The Marine Corps Traditions are a way of being.

One of the most familiar of these traditions is the Marine Corps Hymn. The Marine Corps hymn is the oldest official United States Armed Forces Song. The Marine Corps Hymn is a poignant reminder of the Marines who have come before and their courage and sacrifice. One of the most famous lines is the final line of the hymn, and it says, “If the Army and the Navy Ever Look on Heaven’s Scenes, They will find the Streets are guarded by the United States Marines.” This is an obvious reference to the Marines being stationed at the White House and Embassy’s all over the world.

Another one of the famous traditions is the Rifleman’s Creed. Many movies have helped to make this famous. The Rifleman’s Creed is based on the idea that every marine is a rifleman first. Their Military Occupational Specialty is secondary. It ends with the two sentences, “Before god I swear this creed. My rifle and myself are the defenders of my country. We are the masters of our enemy. We are the saviors of my life. So be it, until victory is America’s and there is no enemy but Peace!”

Some of the other famous traditions that the Marine Corps holds to are the Silent Drill Platoon, The Commandant’s Own, the All Marine Color Guard, and the “Presidents Own.”

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Robby Toledano: Living By a Code of Honor

Robby Toledano as a longtime Marine Knows the motto of the Marine Corps is Semper Fidelis. The root of the word is Latin for “Always Faithfull.” Semper Fidelis does not refer to just one thing. Instead, it refers to many such as being always faithful to the mission, each other, to the country and to the Marine Corps. The words Semper Fidelis Means more though. It means a brotherhood that will always be there. It refers to the bond that Marines will always share with each other. It is emblematic of the change you undergo when you become a Marine.

Some of the Core Values that Marines live by include Honor. This includes a strict code of personal integrity. It suggests the honor guides marines to do the right thing no matter what. The word for the Marine Corps is one of the paramount values and beliefs and should exist in every action and belief.

Another core belief that Robby Toledano could tell you about is Courage. Courage is the backbone that upholds all the other values. Courage continues to hold through everything and allows the other core values to stay in place. Commitment is also a core value. Commitment through everything a marine does is a way of proving the determination that resides in every marine

Marines are all expected to be leaders much as Robby Toledano is. They are held to a high standard, and it can be summed up with the Latin words “Ductus Exmplo” (Lead by Example).

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Robby Toledano: A Well-Rounded Individual

Robby Toledano looked up to his father and eventually joined the military just as his father did. His father was born and raised in Mexico and came to the United States in the 1940’s. His father served in the Army and was activated for the Korean War. Most of his life, Robby Toledano’s father was a Graphic Designer. Robby Toledano eventually received his degree in the graphic design from the University of Illinois.

As his father did, so too did Robby Toledano entered into military service. While his father joined the United States Army, Robby Toledano felt it right to join the United States Marine Corps. When he enlisted his Military Occupational Specialty was as an Aviation Ordinance Technician (MOS: 6531). After leaving the Marine Corps Robby Toledano became the Hazardous Materials Supply Manager for his Battalion and managed the supply and logistics of Hazardous materials such as ammunition and explosives.

Robby Toledano still loves art and design as well, and whenever he gets the opportunity to pursue it, he does so. Robby Toledano also loves to read. He prefers reading History books. Some of his favorites are world history, military history, and ancient history. Robby Toledano also enjoys staying in shape and regular has work out’s where he can work on weight lifting, cross fit, swimming and running.

Robby Toledano Still enjoys creating his artwork and being creative. He knows that having hobbies such as that can help him stay grounded. Serving in the military can be very regimented, and it is healthy for service members to have something that is very different.

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Robby Toledano: A Courageous Individual

Robby Toledano, a member of the United States Marine Corps and Marine Corps Reserve for the past 18 years, knows what it takes to lead. After his Marine Corps Reserve Unit had been called up and deployed, Robby Toledano was the manager of the ground ammunition and explosives. He was in charge of inventory management. In September of 2004 Robby Toledano’s Battalion was deployed to the Northern Babil Province of Iraq in the city of Mahmudiyah. This was one of the most dangerous parts of Iraq for a long time. The battalion that Robby Toledano was in had been isolated in their own forward base where they continued their operations.

The Unit was deactivated in 2005 and Robby Toledano decided to stay in the Military. He took two courses to help him prepare for his next career as a recruiter. He went to Marine Corps Recruiter School and also earned an Achieve Global Professional Sales Certification. In November of 2005, he began his time as an Enlisted Marine Recruiter. For close to two years Robby Toledano was responsible for the recruitment, then screening, then interviewing, and finally preparation and application processing of qualified applicants.

After much success as an enlisted recruiter moved into being a Commissioned Officer Recruiter. He had many of the same duties he had as an enlisted recruiter with one of the main differences being that he often had to go out and find recruits through different types of prospecting. Currently, Robby Toledano serves as the Senior Recruiting Liaison for the United States Military to the northern Illinois military Enlistment Processing Station.

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Robby Toledano: Every Marine is a Leader

Robby Toledano, as a long time recruiter for the Marine Corps, knows that there are some important things that people often do not consider when looking to join the Marine Corps. Some of the leadership traits that the Marine Corps is looking for include integrity, decisiveness, tact, knowledge, loyalty, enthusiasm, initiative, courage, Unselfishness, bearing, justice, judgment, dependability and Bearing. These traits are important for the future leaders of the United States Marine Corps. These traits help prepare people for battle.

Robby Toledano knows that there is truth to the statement that every marine is a leader. Throughout all levels of ranks in the Marine Corps you can find these traits. Robby Toledano believes that this is important because Marines operate from the philosophy of the “Commanders Intent.” This basically means that Marines are trained and educated to the point where if they are in a situation where they have to make an immediate decision, they can do so based on what is going to best support his or her commanders decision. The marines know that it is important that every Marine have the authority and the ability to make important decisions if there are no other orders or if chaos is abounding.

In addition to this basic level of leadership training that is taught to every Marine, non-commissioned officers and staff non-commissioned officers have to attend courses that are professional Military education courses that are designed to promote leadership skills. The Military Occupational Specialty does not matter in this case all Marines must be prepared to lead.

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Robby Toledano: Educated and Experienced US Marine

Robby Toledano is a well-educated, well-versed and very experienced veteran of the United States Marine Corps. For the past 18 years, he has provided loyal, dedicated and skilled service to the USMC, an American institution he hopes to serve for many years to come.

Robby Toledano is proud to have received his initial college-level education at the University of Illinois at Chicago, supplementing the invaluable training and experience he received in the United States Marine Corps. An avid and enthusiastic artist, Robby Toledano pursued and received a Bachelor’s of Art degree in Graphic Design from UI in 2002. His passion and skill for illustration provided him the drive and motivation he needed to build a solid educational foundation, one he has been able to capitalize on throughout the course of his military service.

An active service member, Robby Toledano didn’t re-enter the college environment until 2011, when he enrolled in the MBA program at American Military University. The graduate level education he received at American Military University provided him a powerful and effective way to supplement his service and to build on his UI education.

Robby Toledano began his pursuit of another Master’s program at American Military University in 2014. He is currently seeking his Master’s degree in Legal Studies from the acclaimed institution, and hopes to have even more opportunity for career success in the future.

Robby Toledano has been affiliated with the USMC since 1996, and is proud to have served his country during the recent Operation Iraqi Freedom campaign. He is the recipient of multiple service awards, and is currently a Senior Marine Liaison at the Military Entrance Processing Station in Forest Park, Illinois.

About Graphic Arts

Graphic arts are an interesting endeavor. They are described as being two-dimensional and include a variety of specialties including drawing, photography, calligraphy, computer graphics, typography and more. A graphic designer is the core party in the graphic arts. Throughout history there have been many innovations that have pushed the boundaries of what graphics arts means. The printing press is one such example which is responsible for mass reproduction of graphic art and text. This important technology changed information forever.

Graphic arts have a special place in the history of the world and in this country. If you look back at the period of history that surrounded World War II, is not difficult to find examples of motivational art that was designed to inspire the citizens of this country to support the war effort. In the 1960s, the countercultural and peace movement utilized extensive pieces of traffic arts to evoke their messages. By introducing motion into pictures, also known as movies, the world was changed once again forever. From this innovation came the fields of film and television.

The personal computer is probably the most important element in the world of graphic arts. Invented in the 20th century, powerful computer software is utilized to manipulate images in a fast and simple manner. This is the stuff that you see when you log on to a website or pull something up on your app smartphone. Master Sergeant Robby Toledano was a big student of graphic design. He pursued this during his educational years at the University of Illinois. At the time was following the career path of his father who was known for his skill as an artist and abilities in graphic design. Toledano exhibited a skill early in life when he came to drawing. He had always anticipated that he would be a great graphic artist like his father was. Life had other plans for him however and an award filled and illustrious career in the United States Marine Corps made him change those original plans. He always keeps open possibility that he might dabble in or return to the world of graphic arts at some point down the road.

Robby Toledano - A History

Robby has spent nearly twenty years as a part of the Marine Corps. During his tenure with the core, Robby was called to serve in Iraq with the second battalion of the 24th Marines. Robby would later return to the University in order to secure his undergraduate degree.

Eventually, Robby recommitted to the Marine Corps. Though many believe that anyone can get into the military and join the Marine Corps, this is not necessarily true. Various requirements included that a person must have an adequate education, have no outstanding amount of civil convictions, no significant amount of drug use determine if you are able to serve.

At this point, Robby's commitment to the Marine Corps was in the recruiter position. Robby is a notable member of the United States Marine Corps. Joining in 1996, he left the University of Illinois in Chicago in the middle of his junior year to make his four year commitment to the Corps. As a recruiter, he is responsible for recruiting civilians into the Corps. He was able to keep committed to the Corps while enrolled in school because he joined the Marine Reserves.

According to Robby Toledano there are restrictions that a volunteer must pass through in order to join the Corps, making him a part of an elite group. As a Senior Recruiting Liaison, Robby has more responsibilities than just recruiting, he must prepare the volunteers for the United States Marine Corps Recruiting Training, Officer Candidates School or the United States Naval Academy. This deployment for Robby lasted eleven months. When returning to the states, he was then referred to as Master Sergeant Robby.

Checking out History

There’s a saying out there that says history repeats itself. While sayings are a funny way of thinking about things, they are typically based in some sort of truth. When it comes to something like history, understanding it from every perspective possible and becoming aware of various stories throughout the history of this country and the world are critical to understanding why the world is the way it is today. It is also beneficial in understand how far we have come through history. Staff Sergeant. Robby Toledano has served in the United States Marine Corps with pride. He has been in the Marines for close to 20 years, mostly on active duty. For 11 months he was stationed out in Iraq with the second Battalion in the 24th Marines.

One of his favorite leisure activities is taking up a book and getting some reading it. His favorite topic is in the world of history. His favorite periods of history include the Revolutionary war, the Civil War and the 20th century. Reading was one of his go to activities when he was stationed in Iraq. Many soldiers discover the joy of reading when they are stationed abroad. He has continued his passion for titles in history and other reading topics as well. He enjoys purchasing books from a variety of biographical and historical authors. He is also a big fan of public television and other informational television programs and channels such as Nova, the History Channel and the Discovery Channel. At the heart of it all is the simple fact that history is a fun subject. When an individual is engaged with history and goes beyond just reading it, it involves a deep intellectual process of writing, research and revision. History is something that is not only research, it must be experienced and Toledano has relished in his opportunity to see many historical landmarks and lands throughout his career. History truly comes alive when you can see some of the things that you have read about and that is why he keeps reading. He feels that the more he reads about history, the better the chance that he may end up with an experience witnessing it.

Keeping Fit is a Lifelong Task

People from all walks of life enjoy staying fit. They do such activities as going to a June, taking a walk or lifting weights quite regularly in order to improve their health and strength. Keeping Fit can be an enlightening experience and one that alleviates stress. It requires a commitment and dedication to getting out and doing the activity of your choice on a regular basis. It is all too easy to slip into a comfortable routine that may not challenge you physical. That is why some people advise making it a part of your daily routine and to stick with the commitment that you have made each and every day.

In the United States Marine Corps, keeping fit is part of the job. United States Marines are known for their fortitude and extreme will. They keep fit around the year two a variety of conditioning and endurance exercises. It is not hard for people to picture an obstacle course in a military environment. It is not just the stuff of Hollywood movies, soldiers truly engage in regular exercise every opportunity they can. They are after all those of us that are expected to operate in defense and on behalf of the citizens of this country.

Robby Toledano is a member of the United States Marine Corps. He has served with pride for close to 20 years and he pays special attention to his fitness. He encourages others to care about their fitness as well and is regularly involved in additional fitness habits outside of his regular training. He works hard to stay in shape and to prevent health problems that could affect him such as heart attack, strokes and other things. He is currently a senior liaison in the recruiting division of the USMC. He is focused on working with recruits of all types as they enter into their own careers in the service.

Robby Toledano - A Man of History

Literature is the key to the past and opens minds to new ideas and concepts. Robby Toledano is a voracious reader who loves world history and the humanities. He began his education by pursuing a fine arts degree at the University of Illinois at Chicago, then left school to join the United States Marine Corps.

Throughout his career in the military, Toledano has maintained his love for history. Some would say that historic books and textbooks are dry; Toledano, however, loves learning about the past. His favorite historical periods are the Roman Kingdom, the Medieval Period, and the Napoleonic Era.

The Roman Kingdom began in 753 BCE, and refers to the period in time when Italy was ruled by seven kings. This was also the year Rome was founded by Romulus and Remus and then subsequently ruled by Romulus. The history of the Roman Kingdom is rife with fratricide, war, and betrayal. It also shows how Rome shifted from being ruled by multiple kings, to one king, and then finally one emperor.

The medieval period, like the Roman Kingdom, is filled with advances in government and society. A major component of this time period is also the Crusades, a massive military advancement that stemmed from the society’s religious beliefs. Thousands of European Christians waged war with Islamic nations in an attempt to inhabit Jerusalem. The presence of large scale military campaigns are also echoed in the Napoleonic Era.

Napoleon’s reign was filled with war. In 1799 CE, Napoleon Bonaparte became the First Consul of France. He instituted order in the country and quickly began to gather more power. He wanted to expand his empire and began to wage war in other continental European countries. Napoleon had a powerful army and a strong government. However many of the countries in his continental system were dissatisfied and revolted. He was defeated in 1813 CE.

Robby Toledano enjoys reading about these time periods and the social and governmental changes that took place. As a lifelong veteran, he can relate to the various military actions that occurred. He understands that history is echoed in the present.

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Robby Toledano - Physical Fitness

Physical fitness is important to Robby Toledano. He maintains an active lifestyle and enjoys physical activity and exertion. He works hard to maintain his fitness level and his health. As a marine, being physically fit is paramount. The United States Marine Corps is one of the most physically demanding branches of the military.

The United States Marine Corps produces soldiers who are combat ready, this means that fitness is essential. New recruits go through a demanding boot camp that whips them into fantastic shape. The fitness regimen that marines go through also helps to instill a high level of self-discipline which is vital to the Marine Corps lifestyle.

The Marine Corps Physical Conditioning Platoon (PCP) has two major components, a physical fitness test and a Body Composition Program. The physical fitness test includes pull ups, crunches, and a timed 3-mile run. This test is semi-annual. Recruits need to be able to pass the test, and seasoned marines need to be able to maintain the fitness needed to pass the test.

The second component is the body composition program. The Marine Corps have a weight and body fat standard that each soldier has to maintain, so that they are able to perform to the best of their ability. If a marine’s body weight and body fat exceed the maximum limit, then they are not within the required standards for active duty. A male soldier is not to exceed 18% body fat, and a female soldier is not to exceed 26% body fat. If a solder exceeds the allowed percentage and weighs more than the weight chart allows, they have to then enroll in the Body Composition Program to lose the extra weight.

Robby Toledano has been a marine for the majority of his adult life. Physical fitness began as a job requirement and became a hobby. He enjoys running, weightlifting, and cross fit exercises. Maintaining his fitness level is not only beneficial for his career, but also for his health.

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Robby Toledano - A Passion for Education

Robby Toledano believes that education is important and should be continued. He began his educational career at the University of Illinois at Chicago, where he studied graphic design. He excelled in his illustration classes and enjoyed learning about one of his passions. However, in his junior year of college, he chose to serve his nation instead of finish school. This was not the end of his education though.

After four years of active duty, he returned to the University of Illinois at Chicago to finish his degree. He graduated from college in 2002, and then in 2013 he completed an MBA from the American Military University. In 2015, he again returned to the American Military University to work on a Masters of Arts in Legal Studies.

The American Military University was founded in 1991 by James P. Etter, a retired Marine Corps officer. His school offers online, career-relevant education for military personnel. The university offers both undergraduate and graduate programs in order to help students gain leadership skills for military advancement, or to help them transition into their post-military careers.

The American Military University has over 100,000 students enrolled in its 190 academic programs. This school is also a four-time recipient of the Online Learning Consortium’s Effective Practice Award and is ranked as one of the best online universities. The school boasts of small class sizes that are over 50% active duty military personnel.

Robby Toledano has taken full advantage of his access to the American Military University. It has been a place where he could gain more knowledge and experience. Toledano is well educated with a bachelor’s degree, an MBA and a master’s degree in progress.
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