Mrs. White's Kindergarten News

March 20, 2015

Happy Friday

What a great week! The class was super excited to try and catch our friend John, John the Leprechaun. We had some really amazing traps, but unfortunately we did not catch him this year. He was nice and left us all a bit of gold to enjoy!!!

Progress Reports: Kindergarten does not send home report cards at the end of this grading period, but I am in the process of completing mid-semester progress reports to give you a little update on how your child is doing. Those will be sent home before Spring Break.

Important Dates:

March 23rd: Fire Safety Presentation by CFD (Carmel Fire Chief will visit Kindergarten)

March 25th: CHS Planetarium Field Trip (Return permission slips ASAP)

March 26th: Author, Lisa Wheeler, visits

March 27th: Spirit Day/Backwards Mismatch Day

April 3rd-12th: Spring Break/No School

Classroom Update

Reading: This week our reading/comprehension skill will be identifying story structure. Students should be able to identify the characters, setting, and evens that happen at the beginning, middle and end of a story. When reading with your child at home, these are some great questions to ask your child to check for understanding.

Word Work:

Letter/Sound of the Week: letter a and the long a_e spelling pattern

Phonics Skill: middle sounds

Sight Words: give, that

Vocabulary Words: powerful, cloud, moon, stars, sun, planet

Grammar Skill: suffixes -er,-est and -ful

Writing: We continue to work on writing about our opinions. This week we read the story, The Cat in the Hat and then discussed if we would like for the Cat to visit our houses. The kids had to write why they thought it would be a good idea or why they thought it would be a bad idea using reasons to support their opinion.

Science/Social Studies: We are finishing up our unit on where in the world we live. The students have been busy making books to help understand where they live. Continue to practice learning addresses and phone numbers!!!

Once we finish up this unit, we will be moving into our Science unit all about the sun and moon. We will kick this unit off with our visit to the planetarium next week!!!