Using Social Media

Create A Professional Learning Community

Create a Pinterest Account

Log on to Using your e-mail address create an account. Once you have created an account Pinterest will ask you to select some topics that interest you. You will need to select 4 or 5 topics before Pinterest will let you move on. Don't worry, this is just how Pinterest begins providing suggestions for "pins" you may be interested in.

Install the "Pin It" button on your browser bar

Once you have created an account you can add a "Pin It" button to your browser bar. This will let you pin from the web to your Pinterest boards.

  1. Click on the small question mark in the lower right hand corner of your screen to visit the help center.
  2. Search "goodies". This will bring you right to the instructions for how to install the button. Under the video you will see text. Click on the words: our goodies page to go right to the link or click here . Then scroll down to the section, the Pin It Button.
  3. When you find something you would like to "pin" click on the red p which is now on your tool bar. Pinterest will then ask you which board you would like to add you new pin to.

Tips for Successful Pinning

1. If pinning check out the pin by clicking on the picture to make sure the link is active.

2. Create descriptive names for your boards, "Using IPads in the Classroom" or "The Great Depression" are easier to sort to and find information on later.

3. Follow your friends and create a shared board, inviting your colleagues to share pins on the same board.

4. Pinterest is pretty public, anything you don't want visible to the public, like "Christmas Gifts" or "Denise's Baby Shower Ideas" can be pinned to secret boards. These boards can only be seen by those you invite to see.

Tweet Tweet

Sortable Database of Teachers on Twitter

A sortable database, of teachers on Twitter.

List of Educational Hashtags

Link to an Infographic with a list of educational hashtags.

Tips For Finding Information on Twitter

1. Try putting a # in front of your discipline’s national organization, ex: #AAHPERD #NAEA #NCSS .
2. Try a # in front of your subject, then if you don’t get the results you are looking for add the word “chat” or “ed”: #SSChat #science #scchat #mathchat .
3. Just type a word in the search bar.

4. Open your own account and start following people who have similar interests, tweet about your discipline or that others seem to be re-tweeting or following.


Follow Me

Sometimes Twitter and Pinterest will take you to a blog. If you find your self engaged in the blog you may want to follow this blogger. Some tips for following a blog:

  • Make sure the person you are following is current. Sometimes the information you were routed to is older and the person may not be an active blogger. That's ok, they are still a good resource but if you are counting on them to fill your inbox with innovative ideas it may not happen. Or their blog may have moved. This is pretty popular, as technology changes and bloggers become more savy they have began changing their blogging platforms.
  • Check out a few of their posts. Are they all as exciting and relevant as the one you like right now?
  • Make sure they aren't blogging too much for you, it may overwhelm your e-mail.