2015 Year In Review

Top 3 marketing companies

1. Victoria Secret PINK because Selena Gomez the weekend and Ellie Golding were performing at the 2015 Victoria secret fashion show. Selena and Ellie started tweeting and posting pictures on Instagram about the show and more of their fans, and other people started watching.The weekends songs were already a hit, and he was the trend of music so having him drew people to watch the show.

2. Beats because they had a commercial where Selena Gomez was staring in the commercial with her new song. She has lots of fans around the world and if they see her using it, they would want to be like her and buy one. Using a famous celebrity in a commercial has lots of benefits like the sales increasing.

3. Nike because when they market their clothing line weather its sporty or not, they always make the commercials and stands really bright and colorful to catch your attention. When they grab your attention you'll think its cool, and you start looking around. They're also promoted by athletes that people like a lot.

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Top 10 best Make Up Brands

1. L'Oreal

2. Olay

3. Avon

4. Mac

5. Clinique

6. Maybelline

7. Lancome

8. Neutrogena

9. Dove

10. Estee Lauder

Top 2 products of 2015

The Apple watch was in many ways the typical Apple product: It wasn’t the first of its kind. Just as there were MP3 players before the iPod and smartphones before the iPhone, there were smartwatches before Apple’s. Yet, as its predecessors had failed to catch fire with the gadget-buying public, the Apple Watch still try to register about 7.8 Kardashians on the media-hoopla scale.

The Amazon Echo is a plastic recycled material used to do what you ask it. it understands your spoken commands from across the room, hands-free, as you’re cooking, reading, doing homework, discussing, living. It knows when you’re addressing it because you precede each command with its name, which, for some reason

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