Decisions! Decisions! Decide!

By: Tj Steenken

Define the Decision

One day my mom told me that we were going shopping for a new basketball. So I said “Ok we need to get a Wilson or a Spalding.” So we went to Dick’s Sporting Goods. When we got there we went straight to the basketballs.

Estimate resources available

When we got to the basketballs I thought about how much money I had and the coupon I had. I had $35 and a coupon for 10% off of each ball. So I had to do some math. To find out how much will come off each ball price.

Consider the alternatives

I could buy them at Dicks Sporting goods or Wal-Mart. At Dicks Sporting Goods the Wilson ball is worth $23. The Spalding is $20. At Wal-Mart the Wilson ball is worth $25. The Spalding is worth $28.

Infomation gather

Then I say well Spalding has been out longer. More people have it and Spalding is more popular than Wilson. But Wilson is cheaper. Plus more grip on the ball. So which do I choose?


Well I would choose Spalding because it’s more reliable. The Spalding won’t tear apart as easily. As for the Wilson ball it would tear up very easily. The grip would run out quick on the Wilson ball.

Evaluate the decision

I made a good decision because the Spalding is going to last long unlike the Wilson. Even know the Spalding has less grip than Wilson it is still a good ball. Plus the Wilson holds less air than Spalding. That’s why I chose Spalding.