Respiratory System

Fulfilling Your Knowledge About the Respratory

What Is Respiration?

Respiration is the process in which oxygen and glucose undergo a complex series of chemical reactions inside cells, in other words..Breathing!

How Does It Work?

First, the air enters into the body through the nose and mouth. Then, the air moves from the nose down into the throat. The air goes down the trachea into the bronchus. From the bronchus the air moves to the lungs, then to the small bronchi. Where the oxygen is absorbed by the alveoli. The alveoli soon passes the oxygen into the blood which eventually leaves into the circulatory system.

Parts of the Respiratory System

Gas Exchange

How this Occurs

At first their is just carbon dioxide and a little oxygen being carried. As you move through the capillary, oxygen gradually

Why Does the Body Need Oxygen

Our body needs oxygen because, so our lungs can get oxygen. Then, the circulatory system carries oxygen from our lungs and glucose form our food to our cells.