Earth's Travel Guide

Welcome To Earth!

Why Visit Earth?

Earth is a stupendous place to visit! We have open seas , fresh water, cool sites, varying climates, and amazing natural features! This brochure will describe three fabulous features in detail:

  • Amazon Rainforest
  • The Great Barrier Reef
  • Mount Vesuvius

Amazon Rain forest

The Amazon Rainforest is a great place to visit on Earth! The Amazon Rainforest covers 1.4 billion acres of land, you can see 10% of the world's known species, and cruises and tours are provided. Just be careful because while you can also find 20% of the world's bird species, you may also come across dangerous species such as cougars, jaguars and anacondas.

Travel Tips:

Get vaccinated! If you don't get your vaccinations there is a possibility that you

might get a disease. Some diseases you can get are: Malaria, Yellow Fever, Meningitis, Hepatitis, Rabies and Dengue.

Visit soon! Deforestation, drought and climate change are destroying the rainforest.

Things to bring

  • Pants and Tee-shirt
  • Shoes and Hat
  • Camera
  • Bug spray
  • Food and Water
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The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is a must see destination because it is the largest living structure on the planet, it stretches 2,300 kilometers, it has approximately 6,000 species and it is known most for its large maze of colorful reefs. Have fun, but watch out for dangerous sea life including, jelly fish, sting rays, lion fish, blue ringed octopus, stone fish and box jelly fish.

Travel Tips:

Many of the beautiful sea life and corals are dying out, so come quick!!

Things To Bring

  • Bathing Suit
  • Camera
  • sunscreen
  • towel
  • extra clothing
  • sunglasses
  • sandals
  • food/water

Mount Vesuvius

Mount Vesuvius

Come see the wonders of Mount Vesuvius!! Here, the mountain is 4000 feet tall, 30 miles around the base, and is the only active volcano in Europe. You might know that volcanos cause destruction with their eruptions, so if you visit during an eruption be careful!!

Things to Bring

  • Pants/long sleeve shirt
  • Coat
  • Hiking Gear
  • Food and water
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More Facts About Earth

People regionalize the earth in many different ways, such as by separating the world into continents, hemispheres and countries. Time zones are an important part of traveling from one place to another, if you are traveling from Mount Vesuvius to The Great Barrier Reef you may think that it is 6:00 pm but it is really 12:00 pm. Weather is also a good travel tip, here on Earth different parts of the Earth have different climates. If you are close to the equator than it is going to be more hot than it would be if you were far away from it.

Other Cool Places To Visit Are:

  • Old Faithful, located in the Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
  • Grand Canyon, located in the Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
  • Mount Everest, located in Nepal
  • Mammoth Cave, located in Mammoth cave National park in central Kentucky
  • Bad Lands, located in southwestern South Dakota