Jenny Craig

Mckenna Holmes

Claims, Facts

Jenny Craig diet claims that one will lose 2 pounds per week.

Some misconceptions are the fact that the salt in the pre-packaged foods is well above what one should normally consume. They contain 2,000 to 4,000 milligrams of salt per day.

This diet is extremely expensive. The registration for the diet is $400, and on top of that, you receive a $100 bill for the meal plan each week.

What you can and can't eat

Besides the pre-packaged Jenny Craig meals, you can have fresh fruit, vegetables, and reduced-fat dairy products.

The foods consist of low fat foods that are rich in water, fiber, and protein to fill you up.

Why do people do it?

People join the Jenny Craig diet because they want to lose weight, whether it be they physically need to, or feel bad about themselves and simply want to.

It seems very easy to follow the planned food meals because they actually look good and filling.

There are three meals a day with two snacks promised.

Food Pyramid

Compared to the food pyramid, the pre-packaged meals contain all essential foods and have a variety of each.

Health Issues

A side effect of the diet is weight gain when people start to eat "real" food again because they've been eating pre-packaged foods for so long and the diet has a rigid structure.

Many people also become extremely frustrated if they are not experiencing rapid weight loss and it could potentially lead to depression in some cases.

Isolation is a problem with many people because since they've been eating pre-packaged food for so long, they may be afraid to eat out in fear of not finding food that meets the requirements of the diet.