Food and Growth Rate of a Lab

February 15, 2016

How old do Labs get? Big?

Labs usually get to the age of 10-12. The normal weight of a male lab is 64-75 lbs. Males get about 22-24 in. For a female the normal weight is 55-71 lbs. They are usually 22-24 in. 9 week old lab puppies should weigh 18-20 lbs. At three months the puppy should weigh around 21-29 lbs. At six months the puppy should weigh 47-53 lbs.

Book Review!

This Star Won’t Go Out is a amazing true story about a ordinary 12 year old girl, who got diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Her name was Esther Grace Earl. She lived with God in her heart as a christian. She had to navigate around her illness. Throughout her experience, she stayed cheerful, positive, and encouraging. Sadly, short after she turned 16 in 2010, she died, but after she inspired thousands online. In this book, there are some of Esther’s journals, letters, and sketches. Also in the book is papers written by her friends and family, and even the award winning author of The Fault in Our Stars, John Green, who wrote the book for Esther.