Discovery of Direhorse

By: Libby Bontrager

Evolution of Direhorse

Through developmental biology, the Direhorse came from a horse, an elephant, and an anteater. Millions of years ago a chunk of the earth, containing these three animals, broke off and floated away to Pandora. They mated with each other and thus came the Dirhorse. It grew more legs as it continued to mate with horse, elephant, and anteaters. Over the years, it grew stronger and larger but is basically harmless.

Discovery of Direhorse

The Direhorse has nostrils on its neck. It has a long nose to get food out of the plants. It has 6 legs so it can run really fast to get food. It also has a hard shell like body and horn mane to protect itself from predators. The skin is blue and grey with stripes. A direhorse eats the bark and sap from trees.

Located on Pandora

Pandora is full of plants and exotic animals. Everything on Pandora is much larger than on Earth. It has low oxygen level, low gravity, floating mountains, and a strong magnetic field.