Christopher Columbus

molly m.

Who is Chistopher Columbus?

Christopher Columbus was the first person the find the "native Americans". He was born in 1451.Christopher Columbus was looking for the Asia to bring back gold and spices that would make him rich, but instead he found the Native Americans.

how did he pay for his voyage?

Christopher Columbus traveled by boat, he had to get the money for the trip though. Where did he get the money? Columbus got the money from the Queen Isabella and king Ferdinand after being rejected from other kings and Queens many times.He promised that if the king and queen gave him the money, he would he would bring them back gold, slaves, and other resources.

what did he do after his voyage?

After his voyage, Christopher Columbus had brought back the Native Americans as slaves, also he has brought back much gold to give to the king and queen. His journey was very successful. But what did he do next? you might ask, well, he went on looking and searching to find more gold. Yes, he was very rich, some people think he took the Native Americans away from there home, and some people say he is very clever and smart explorer.What do you think?