By: Dylan Forbis

Four Noble Truths

1. The Truth of suffering

2. Truth of the Cause of suffering

3. The Truth of the end of suffering

4. Truth of the path that frees us from suffering

The noble Truths are made to show what causes suffering, to explain what causes peoples suffering, how to end peoples suffering, and the path/ what they need to do to get rid of their suffering.

Eightfold Path

Complete or Perfect Vision

The Vision of Reality and what you have to do to change your life or transform it .

Eightfold Path

Perfect Emotion or Aspiration

Being able to have compassion and love in your life and to be able to feel for other people and understand their suffering.

Eightfold Path

Perfected or Whole Speech

Saying good words to people and saying words that would not "harm" them or someone else.

Eightfold Path

Integral Action

Is the ability to do the right thing/actions and not throw other people under the bust or get others in trouble.

Eightfold Path

Proper Livelihood

Having the right livelihood and ethics and do good actions not ones that would be in bad moral aspects.

Eightfold Path

Complete or Full Effort

Is the use of your energy and time to cause good or do something that is good.

Eightfold Path

Complete Awareness

Having awareness of other peoples feelings, people in general, and yourself.

Eightfold Path

Full, Integral or Holisitic Samadhi

Is the concentration of one thing, and meditation, this is to enlighten yourself.