How has this modern culture evolved?

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Technology has been around for centuries. Starting with our human ancestors, tools have been used for everyday living. From the beginning, we have been known to have a partly carnivorous diet. We couldn't simply live on fruits and vegetation, we had to hunt for game to eat. Stones, sticks, and long bones were used as tools to help us in the task of hunting for meat. Stones were used as missiles, sharpened sticks and long bones were used as spears or clubs. Also, stones were broken to produce sharp edges to help us rip the meat apart. The activity of hunting allowed an increase of interdependence and social groups between our ancestors. The creation of tools has allowed for humans to be the most adaptable creatures on earth.


People believe that technology is a solution to many problems but it has some side affects. The advancement of technology has a huge affect on our health. One of the biggest health concerns is the increase in obesity. The goal of making our lives easier is kept in mind while advancing technology therefore this has resulted in less physical activity and labour. An example would be driving instead of walking or riding a bike. Entertainment is also kept in mind when concerning technology for youth. These days children would rather stay inside and play with their video games instead of doing activities and hobbies outside.

A study showed that physical inactivity has increased around the world. In this study, a person's labour load was compared through the metabolic equivalents of task (MET). MET is "the ratio of a person's working metabolic rate to resting metabolic rate." The lower the values of MET ratio, the less physical work is involved. In America, trends showed 235 MET hours/week in 1965. This value lowered to 160 MET hours/week in 2009. Researchers predict that this value will lower even more to 142 MET hours/week by 2020 and 126 MET hours/week by 2030. This will be due to the decrease of domestic, travel and job-related physical activity.

To help prevent this from happening, technology has been trying to promote physical activity through interactive video games (such as the Wii, the Xbox Kinect and the PlayStation Move) and tools relating to exercising (such as pedometers, accelerometers and heart rate monitors). There are also organzitions (such as ParticipACTION) that encourage everyone to get at least 30 minutes of exercise everyday. Instead of using technology to contribute to the obesity epidemic, we should try and use it to solve the issue.


Technology is all around us and can influence our social behaviour. A huge part of communication is the use of technology to connect with others. Almost everyone uses technology as a form of communication and most people have become dependent on it. We use social networks, emails and text messaging so much, that some argue that it has caused communication to be less personal. We are becoming less interactive with each other and have retreated into the comfort of being behind a screen instead of face-to-face. This could cause a lack of development in your interpersonal and communication skills because speaking to the internet is very different from speaking to a person.

Technology has also been linked to mental problems. With technology being used as a form of entertainment, people have been becoming addicted to it. Instead of going outside in the real world, people are becoming invested in social networks and would rather stay inside with their laptops, computers or cellphones. This can cause troubled behaviour and short attention spans.

Social media with technology is handy in connecting with people all around the world but we shouldn't neglect the people already around us.

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Values and Beliefs

Technology is viewed by the world as a tool that help make our lives easier and as a means of living. With its intentions of efficiency, ease of use, and reliability, and its constant evolution, people have come to have hope for the future. The advancement of medicine is curing illnesses everyday, and phones are becoming "smarter" and are able to provide help in most situations. To people, the evolution of technology symbolizes a better future. But people are also afraid of what the future of technology may hold for our values. The advancement of technology is raising questions related to cloning or nuclear bombs that question our ethics. "Every technology has a function, and every function is related to a purpose and a value." Whether technology is for the better or worse of humanity, we can't deny that it is a big part of our lives and have a big impact on our beliefs and values.