By Autavius Hobbs Jr. And Jesus Hernandez Jr

How is biofuel formed

Bio fuel is formed from plants farmers grow the plants so to make biofuel you need seeds water and the sun to make biofuel. Did you know that whaen you step or crush a biofuel seed oil will come out.

Is biofuel renewable or nonrenewable were is it Mostly found what do we use it for

Do you know if biofuel is renewable or nonrenewable? Biofuel is remeweable because yo can plant those seeds over and over again when you think about it seeds are renewable and we have the sun and water is renewable.Biofuel is mostly found in America we plant them and we take it to the factory We use it biofuel for cars. The gas we Utah in our cars is bio fuel, and we eat it its in vegetables.

How biofuel is made

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages and disadvantages of using biofuel

there are advantages and disadvantages of using biofuel the advantages is we use it for gas we put it in our car so we can move place to place. The disadvantage of using biofuel is it bad for the air when it's in the factory the pollution in bad so people might die in. The pollution is nbad for the earth. Biofuel is really helpful to us


Now you know more about biofuel
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