The 13 colonies of America

About Maryland

Maryland was founded by 1633 by Lord Baltimore.There major indrety was Manufacturing shipbuilding, iron works, Agriculture corn, wheat, rice, indigo.There two major cites were Baltimore, Annapolis.The name Maryland comes from Queen Henrietta Maria the wife of Carles the first the king of Britain and Ireland.Maryland Beacme a state in April 28, 1788.Maryland was founded to create a place for Roman Catholics.

More to know about Maryland

Maryland in 1632-1788

Maryland was the  first English colony to have dominant Catholic members, also it's the  home to one of the first religious laws in America.In 1632 Charles the first granted a Maryland Charter to Lord Baltimore. Lord Baltimore wanted to see the Colony become a true and his son Cecil saw that the new Colony was settled. In 1633 the first group of settlers sailed for Maryland to establish a colony of fredom  led by Leonard Calvert, Cecil Calvert's his younger brother. Maryland was the seventh state to ratify the Constitution in 1788.