March 2, 2021

Ashland High School

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Please call ahead to schedule an appointment. Knock on the door if you plan to come to the Main Office. To maintain social distancing, we ask that you stay outside.

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Hybrid Email and Survey

Earlier this afternoon all parents and guardians should have received an important email titled, "AHS Hybrid Survey Enrollment." Please take the time to read the email and respond to the survey for your student. If you did not receive the email, let us know and we will make sure you get it. The survey results will tell us which students are signing up for hybrid and which will continue in CDL. The survey also contains details about how the schedule will work.

AHS Hybrid Information Night

We invite all families to tune into our Hybrid Information Night on Thursday, March 4.

English Version 6:00-6:45:

Spanish Version 7:00-7:45:

Hybrid Frequently Asked Questions

Q . Other high schools in the area have students coming back to campus for more days and/or more classes. Why is the AHS hybrid schedule more limited?

A. All hybrid schedules require that students are kept in cohorts. A cohort is defined as a group of students that take their classes together. Doing this at the high school level means drastically reducing the electives and variety of core offerings in order to group students together so that they have the same classes. In the summer when our district shifted to Comprehensive Distance Learning (CDL) and COVID case rates were rising, it became clear to AHS administration that we would likely stay in CDL for the majority of the school year and possibly the entire school year. We made a decision as a school to not group students into cohorts. This allowed us to offer as many of the electives and other course offerings as we possibly could. We knew that CDL would be challenging and we knew we would be in CDL for the long haul. We wanted to provide students with as many of the classes that they had originally selected as possible because we felt that was best for students academically. We also reasoned that we had the best chance of maintaining student engagement in CDL if we could keep students in the courses they wanted to be in.

Q. Why are students only coming to campus for the last instructional block of the day?

A. Since AHS students are not grouped into multi-class cohorts, we cannot have class changes while they are on campus. They would encounter too many other students during passing periods and contact tracing would become too difficult. Instead, we lengthened the duration of the last instructional block to allow for a meaningful in-person learning experience. In this way students only have to come for one class and there is not a risk of mixing cohorts. Effectively, the students in the class are a cohort for the day. It becomes easy for us to trace each student and staff member and anyone they came in contact with in the event of a positive COVID case.

Q. Why do the classes rotate each week? It’s confusing.

A. We recognize that that the new class/period rotations can seem confusing. We scheduled this way to provide opportunities each week for students to have in-person instruction in new classes. Since we can only arrange for students to safely be on campus for the last block of the day, we felt the best way to provide in-person learning opportunities for all students in all classes was to rotate the classes that fall into that last block of time each week.

Q. Why are students being grouped in Groups A and B? Why does each group only attend class on campus two days per week?

A. Everyone needs to stay at least 6 feet apart from one another at all times. This translates to roughly 35 sq. ft per person. Most of our classrooms are not large enough to accommodate an entire class and still have the required distance from one another. Therefore, we are splitting the students into Group A and Group B. Group A attends the last class in person on Mondays and Tuesdays and Group B is in person on Thursdays and Fridays.

Q. When it’s a day when my student stays home, what do they do when the other group is attending class in person?

A. Different teachers and different subject areas are handling this in their own ways. The short answer is that all students will continue to be provided with instruction whether they are at home or in person. Some teachers are choosing to provide asynchronous lessons for the students that are learning from home on any particular day. Other teachers will be incorporating synchronous opportunities for the group learning from home at the same time that the part of the class is in person. Teachers are in the process of developing lessons and instructional strategies that will serve both groups.

Q. Office Hours has been moved to after lunch on every day except Wednesday. When it’s my student’s day to attend class in person, they can’t attend office hours because they are getting ready to go to school. When can they get their questions answered from their teachers?

A. We moved Office Hours in order to provide more time between instructional block 2 and 3. We wanted to give the in-person students enough time to be able to eat their lunch and travel to campus for class. That means that Office Hours on every day but Wednesday is focused on serving the students that will be learning from home that day. All students still have Office Hours on Wednesday as well as Applied Learning time to reach out to their teachers for extra help.

Q. My family is opting to keep our student in CDL only. Will they be missing out on any important learning?

A. All students will continue to be supplied with quality, grade level and standards focused lessons regardless if the student is in hybrid or CDL only. There will be some activities that students will do in person that can’t be replicated in CDL, but CDL students will be provided with an equivalent lesson to do at home.

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