Adolf Hitler WANTED

Reward: $20,000

Adolf hitler was a bad man. he wants to take over the world and become king. hitler is a very crazy man and has killed thousands of innocent people. hitler has invaded our allies, he needs to be caught and put to death for his crimes. there will be a generous reward for his capture.

hitler also served in WW1 and helped germany.but now he has convinced the germans and now leads them. he is taking all jew to concentration camps where they are tortured and punished for absolutely no reason at all. we do not want this to continue.

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reasons for arrest

hitler tortured people for being jewish.

he wanted to take over the world.

he kills anyone who doesn't have blonde hair and blue eyes.

he kills for no reason at all.

hitler is a horrible crazy man.

beliefs about hitler's actions

hitler was cruel.

he should have been killed.

hitler's ideas and notions were unnecessary.

hitler was crazy and a hipocryt, because he hated jews.

hitler was a liar.