Pop-Punk and Indie Influence

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Highlighting Pop-Punk

Only well known for it's great bands such as blink-182 and Green Day, the pop-punk genre has a lot of bands that deserve more recognition.
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Real Friends

Real Friends are an American pop punk band from the south side of Chicago, Illinois. The band consists of bassist Kyle Fasel, guitarist Dave Knox, vocalist Dan Lambton, drummer Brian Blake and guitarist Eric Haines. The band formed in late 2010, releasing their debut EP, This is Honesty, in early 2011. They have since released three more EPs - Everyone That Dragged You Here (2012), Three Songs About The Past Year of My Life (2012) and Put Yourself Back Together (2013). An acoustic release, entitled Acoustic Songs, was released in May 2012.
Real Friends-Floorboards
The Front Bottoms - Flashlight.wmv

Experiment with a little Indie-Folk-Punk music

With indie rock being a largely popular sub-genre, this band are a perfect example of something that could fall under the category. With a combination of a range of different genres and being significant amongst bands like Arctic Monkeys and The XX, this band called The Front Bottoms, are a fabulous, feel-good band from New Jersey, United States. This two-piece band consists of Brian Sella (vocals, guitar, lyricist), and Matt Uychich (drums). They had a previous member called Matt Uychich, but he decided to depart from the band in order to focus on his education. However, they still produce great music.

Pop Punk Kids

People into the pop-punk genre are often found wearing a t-shirt supporting their favourite band, skinny jeans and usually vans or converse. A lot of them wear beanies, but then, a lot of people do. They also have a fascination with eating pizza, because nothing says pop-punk like pizza. It's also a pop-punk trend to own your very own record player and buy vinyls that the bands and artists release, God forbid if you illegally downloaded and didn't support them financially.

If you're a true pop-punk fan, you will be in The Defend Pop Punk Group on Facebook. Here, they tend to post about how sad they are, some of their favourite bands, some pop-punk songs everybody loves, some general help questions, promote their own bands and debates about genres and how good a band is. However, they also put other people down in the group for their opinions on music, and tell them they are wrong. Despite this, they're all just normal people and don't act any different and don't particularly stand out. Some may be covered in tattoos and piercings, whilst some will be a blank canvas.