Lake Placid

The Small Town

Loacation- Where is Lake Placid

Lake Placid is in northern New York. The coordinates are 44.2856 North, and 73.9853 West. The small town is In the United States.

Place - What is it Like There?

Lake Placid is a small town. Lake Placid is known for the Adirondack Mountains. Lake Placid is also known for the Winter Olympics in 1980. 2,471 people live there since 2013. In Lake Placid there are many hills and mountains.There are also many lakes.

Human Enviornment Interaction - What is there to do in Lake Placid?

In Lake Placid there are many things to do like, going to the Winter Olympics museum, going on amazing hikes, golfing, mountains you can ski or ride down, and going to the Adirondack Mountains. There is also places to eat in the small downtown area. Lake Placid is a popular vacation destination. There are many cabins and camp sites.

Region - How is Lake Placid similar to other places?

Lake Placid is simialr to other places because Lake Placid has a lot of water, Michigan also has a lot of water around it and near it. Lake Placid also has small towns, Michigan also has some small towns.

Movement - Why do people move to Lake Placid?

People move to Lake Placid because people might want to live in a smaller town. People might want to move to a quiter town. Also people might want to live near kinder people. People also might want to live where there is lots of water. Lake Placid is a nice town to live in because its very peaceful.
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