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November 2017

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By the end of 6th grade, Student "A" will have read the equivalent of 60 whole school days. Student "B" will have read only 12 school days. Which student would you expect to have a better vocabulary? Which student would you expect to be more successful in school....and in life?

Growth Mindset

A belief system that suggests that one’s intelligence can be grown or developed with persistence, effort and a focus on learning.

Did you know that Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team? That he wasn’t recruited by the colleges he wanted to attend? That he wasn’t drafted by several NBA teams? Did you?? Yet, he was one of the most successful basketball players ever.


At Chalkville Elementary, that's what we want our children to do…preserver, give maximum effort and stay focused. In order for students to have a growth mindset, adults must help children change their mindset.

There are several ways parents can help. For example:

  • YET- add the word yet to the end of any negative sentence and we change the way we hear the phrase. I can’t read or I can’t read yet…Which sounds better to the ears of a learner?

  • Praise the effort – When a child succeeds use phrases like “Your hard work paid off” or “Since you didn’t give up, you figured out the math problem on the third try”

School News

AttenDANCE Challenge

Each day a class has perfect attendance (no absences, no tardies, or checkouts before 1:00) the class can earn a letter.

When the class spells DANCE, the entire class has earned a...


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Upcoming Dates

November 7

Progress reports go home

November 10

School closed for Veteran's Day!

November 20-24

School closed for Thanksgiving Holiday!

November 29

Dress for Success

Teacher of the Month

Tracey Haynes is a second grade teacher at Chalkville. She is well loved by her students and colleagues. In addition to being a second grade teacher, she is also our lead mentor for new teachers. As lead mentor she has several duties and responsibilities to help insure our new teachers make a smooth transition into education as well as at Chalkville. Congratulations Mrs. Tracy Haynes, September teacher of the month!
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Phillips-1st Grade: T’Aree Finley, Brylee Dale, Maliq Young, Lanard Wilson, Noah Bates, Nahla Lee, Jermariyah Freeman, Chase Wages

Ross-2nd Grade: Maria Crider, Lily Couch, Christian Castrejon, Jeremy Cardona, Byron Cardozo, Raymond Howard, Matthew Hurt, Rhylee Lovett, Raegan Miller, Sha’Miyah Youngblood

Weir-3rd Grade: Brianna Stanfield,Tia Hardy, Clinton Morris, Allisson Domingez, Jesus Castrejon, Aaliyah Calhoun, Kalia Woodard, Mayan Yafondo, Alexis Miranda, Jordan Cogmon

Wright-3rd Grade: Macy Barnett, D’ante Seals, Anariah Echolsm Ari Messer, Jabarian Pressley

Curl-3rd Grade: Alyssa Banks, Dequez Bennett, Macorea Berry-Johnson, Lyriq Brown, Kristen Carter, Decardeya Craig, Jaden Crum, Cayden Farris, Reese Fontana, Kajuan Fryer, Saniya Gardiner, Andre Harris, Chauncey Moor, Kelvin Ramos, Kaliyah Shaw, Derious Staples, Kaylen Swift-Purifie, Kha’lee Walker, Ki’oni Willians, Marquise Williams, Jaida Williford, Devon Wilson, Va’richia Word

Eddleman-3rd Grade: Braylen Arrington, Kaleb Banks, Braxton Burt, Giselle Cantu, Sanieya Davis, Jeremiah Garner, William Goodloe, Jeremiah Garner, William Goodloe, Jeremiah Hill, Zeyshaun Horn, Laynie Martin, Rickey Matthews, Angel McHoward, Jai’Dyn Morris, Arielle Perdue, Amiya Powell, Keith Scott, Aicha Traore, Asa Washington, Katie Weaver, Brook Wilcox, Kaidyn Williams, Kentrell Williams, KJ Wright

Gardner-4th Grade: Babaadama Ahmad, Natalie Ball, Essence Beachem, Kennedy Clay, Delven Conway, Gabrielle Davis, Jacob Flores, Kaniah Fryer, Jada Griffin, Kayden Hasberry, Jordyn Hendrix, Jada Knighting, JoAnne Merkerson, Faith Porter, A’Tavius Tate, Jacari Yow

Spencer-4th Grade: Jordyn Alexander, Makayla Bloodworth, Maylen Carmichael, Heidi Hernandez-Ruiz, Deshunti James, Leslie Mendez, Talaysia Perryman, Jada Snow, Eyana Washington, Naja Wright

Reid-5th Grade: Andre Alexander, Jaylen Amamoo, Brylon Tubbs, Carmyn Thomas, Jamarian Allen, Amarion Campbell, Jonathan Smith, Avien Williams, Asis Kelley, Terrell Hopkins Jr., Briana Dixon, Isaiah Roberts, Angie Martinez-Nataren, Joslyn Harris, Ahmiaya Cross, Joshua Lee, Hailey Mixon, Dorian Daniel, Kylee Fallaw, Alex Eshghi

Smith-5th Grade: Marc Swain, Trey Wilson

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October Winners:

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