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Noteworthy Google Updates


As most of you know, Google tends to update their apps quite frequently. These are based on teacher suggestions, user trends, and other factors. The amazing thing is that they are always gearing the updates towards making your work easier and more efficient. There have been some recent updates to Google that are really cool. It's worth noting that not all of these changes may be visible in your domain, but will be soon.

Changes to the Menus

There is a chance you have already noticed some of these changes, but here is an overview of what's new:

In Google Docs and Google Slides

  • You will see a new "Text" submenu that will house all of the usual text-formatting options

In Google Slides:

  • Inserting Tables will now be completed from the "Insert" menu
  • Four options for moving slides can be found in the new "Move" submenu
  • In addition to Order, the Arrange submenu will now include an Align option to align objects vertically and horizontally

Google Docs

  • Text color and highlight color will be separated
  • The Insert Image option has been moved to the toolbar (I love this shortcut idea)
  • As in Slides, inserting a Table will be completed from the "Insert" menu

Google Docs, Google Slides, Google Sheets

  • Some of the options in the menu will appear in a new order

The Activity Dashboard

Another cool addition is that of the Activity Dashboard. It's a pop up screen that allows users (with Edit access) to see who has viewed the file and when they last viewed it. This is an awesome idea if you update a Doc or Slides presentation that is shared with others. Once you make your edits, you can then determine who has viewed the file when and notify them of any updates or changes that they need to be aware of.

An Update to Shared With Me

In addition to the tiles at the top of your Drive, the Shared With Me menu will now have those same tiles. However, they will be organized a little differently. Google will use Artificial Intelligence to determine who you open files from most and which files are seen most to generate their list. This will make the organization of the Shared With Me less like an overwhelming file storage location, to a little more organized area.

Add a Custom Favicon to Google Sites

I must admit, I had no idea what a favicon was until I did a little research. If you're wondering, a favicon is, simply an icon associated with your webpage. These can often be found in the omnibox of the Chrome window. You are now able to insert these little gadgets into the new Google Sites. To do this, you will need to click on the three vertical dots next to publish and select the "Add favicon" option. From there, you are able to pick your image, and then you should see it appear.

Have a wonderful Spring Break!

As Spring Break approaches, I want to wish you all a very enjoyable, relaxing, and college basketball-filled break. I hope you're able to spend time with family and friends, enjoy like without the stress of grading and prepping, and most importantly, not set your alarm! Enjoy your week off!

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