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Tips for Starting your Semester at CofC


TLT is offering OAKS training

We are offering OAKS training in the first few weeks of the semester. There will be 1 hour sessions on Content, Dropbox, Discussions, Quizzes, Gradebook and Rolling your Course. We have them on various dates and times to meet everyone's schedule.

Check out the full schedule and register for events at http://tlt.eventbrite.com

If you cannot join us for a training session, be sure to checkout OAKS tutorials at the OAKS blog.

Rolling Course Content From One Course To Another

Don't forget you can roll over an old OAKS course into a course in the new semester so you don't have to rebuild your courses from scratch. A tutorial is available on the TLT Tutorials and the OAKS blogs, or via direct link: http://goo.gl/Nwuh4

Copy components from one course to another

  1. Begin in the class that does NOT contain the information. You will be copying components into this class.

  2. From the Management navigation choose Edit Course

  3. Go to the Import/Export/Copy Components

  4. Make sure Copy Components from Another Org Unit is selected, and then click Start. (org unit is OAKS-speak for class)

  5. In the Copy the selected course components from section, select the class you want to copy components from.

  6. Choose Existing Offering to copy components from another course offering you are enrolled in. You can select an offering from the list or click Search for offering to find the course offering using a pop-up search window.

  7. When you have selected the source course offering, a section called Choose Components to Copy will appear that lists the components available to copy.

  8. Check the box next to Select all Components to copy the entire class.
  9. When you are finished selecting components, click Continue.

  10. Click Continue.

  11. Click Finish to begin copying.

    • The Copy Summary page is displayed, showing the copy progress.

    • When a component has been successfully copied, a green check mark appears beside it. If any component fails to copy properly, a red X will appear beside it. If the failed item is critical to your course contact your Instructional Technologist for assistance.

  12. When the process is finished, click Done.

Crosslisting OAKS Courses

Crosslisting allows you to combine two or more OAKS classes into one so that you only have to post material once to be available to all crossed courses. IMPORTANT: You need to crosslist BEFORE your students contribute to the course as all student work and grades will be lost during the crosslisting. It is recommended that you crosslist BEFORE you put any course material in the course as well. To request a crosslisting complete the Request to Crosslist form available on the OAKS Homepage in the OAKS Requests widget. Allow 3 business days for completion.

Fake Student

If you want a fake student in your OAKS classes you should request it soon. A fake student allows you to take quizzes/tests, submit assignments and see the gradebook exactly how the students do. You can request a Fake Student by completing the Request a User be added to your OAKS course form available on the OAKS Homepage in the OAKS Requests widget. Allow 3 business days for completion.

What if my course is not in OAKS?

If when you log in to Banner and see your class there, but not in OAKS you will need to contact the Helpdesk, give them the CRN and ask that they resync the course.

If when you log in to Banner and don’t see your class, contact your Department Chair or Department Admin because this means that you haven’t been added as Instructor of record in Banner (Banner is what populates OAKS).



If you email them please copy me. For fastest response call them from the classroom (953-DESK) and they can send someone out immediately.

Don't Forget about your Instructional Technologist

Teaching, Learning, and Technology (TLT) is here to support you, the faculty, in the integration of educational technology into pedagogy, assessment, and academic research to enhance student learning and promote effective and innovative instructional practices. For a full listing of our services check us out on the TLT blog.

Laura Plotts

Instructional Technologist for the School of Languages, Cultures & World Affairs

Teaching Learning and Technology