Dillon Martocchio


Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: How to play football

Chapter 2: Sportsmanship

Chapter 3: Money

Chapter 4: Point System

Chapter 5: Safety

Chapter 6: Athelict

CHAPTER 7: counclosion

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how to play foot ball

An intersepciont is a big qustion. If the pass is ment for your oppnet and you catch the ball.A towch down is a 100 yards.A tochdown 6 points plus a 1 point feild goal.so 5 tochdowns is 5x7=35.next you need amory.

sports man ship

If your oppnet throws a pick say amazing just good coverage . Never scream in there face.Fighting never get in a fight. Dont be rude at all. Great gain If some one gets a nice chunk of yards say nice play dont say your terrible at this.


SO money we are n.

Foot ball shoes are $75\$100.A mouth guard is $20.Body amory is $100 FOOT BALL gloves are $75.But they give you the jersy and helmit for free.

It will $500 so much

point system

A totch down is 6 points plus a 1 point feild goal .A NORMAL FEILD IS 3 POINTS IF YOU BLOCK 1 FOR A RETURN it is 2 points.a foot ball feid is 105 yards. If you tackle some body in there own toch down it is called a saftey that is 2 points.


You need to were amory to a foot ball game or you will get injurded.They got a docter there but you will still have to go thorw the pain . Your parents will be at every game to pertect you.If some one is trying to hit you hard dwn by your self If A little hit is coming break of a tackle.


Back flips you need to do them some times to catch or to get to the toch down line .I use to do gmynetisct to play foot ball .It was scary. You have to jump over pepole. It was scary in the air Ididnt want to fall on some body.


I hope you learned a lot I had fun teaching you if you are interested try to play or read a cople of books by I hoped you liked this book about foot ball have a great day.