My year at a Glance

Sean Gonzales

About Me

I live life day by day but who doesnt think about their furture. I try not to be sad but I not the most popular guy. I always full alone in this world. All I have is music. I cant go a day without it. without music im  nothing
Mac Miller- Best Day Ever (Lyrics)

My Dream Vacation

My dream vacation is in Atlanta Georgria. First thing i would do there is met the whole Atlanta Falcons Team. Then go visit the beautiful Botanical Garden. After that i would go visit the Georgria Aqurium.

My Year at a glance

This year hasnt been the greatest year of my life but its not the worst. At least I got a job this year and started saving up for a car. I about to finish drivng school, I only have one more driving time with a teacher.