Pre-K 3 News

Juan Diego Academy September 15, 2016


Dear Parents,

Yesterday you should have received a yellow envelope with your child. This is our school's way of communicating important information with you every Wednesday. You need to remove what is inside and return the following day with filled out forms or anything else the principal has sent home for you to review and return. Sometimes you will not need to return anything except the empty yellow envelope. If you lose the envelope, there will be a 5.00 charge to replace it.

Tomorrow Friday, we will have Spirit Day Dress. This means your child may wear a Seahawks shirt/jersey and blue jeans. This is optional. If you have not ordered the School Spirit T-Shirt for your child, please do so as soon as possible. This is the shirt they should be wearing on Fridays to school with their jeans. The order forms are in the office.

A reminder to send in the signed form on the back of the Pre-K handbook (page 50); so we can place it in their portfolio. This reassures DEL (Department of Early Learning) that you were given a handbook to read about our child care policies and signing and returning is proof.

The home language survey has been sent home in the brown communication envelope today. This form needs to be filled out and returned promptly. We might get a free dress day as a reward if our entire class sends it in by next Tuesday! We have to have 100% returns though.

Please also fill out the Parent Survey we sent home with the children and return as soon as possible. We also still have some children that do not have their Earthquake kit turned in to our class. There is a deadline for this and then you will be charged a fee for us to have to provide one for them.

Thank you parents for doing this extra work for our school.


This is our second week in school and we are very exited to see how well the little ones are doing. They are trying to repeat phrases that both Ms. Rocio and I are saying in Spanish. In such a short span of time, they are starting to understand what we are saying and are following instructions like "lavar manos" (wash hands).

Our theme this week is "Our Body." We are teaching the names of the different body parts. We are singing and dancing to songs about the body parts we are teaching. If you go on youtube, you can search for "Las partes del cuerpo" song para niños.

We are introducing the names of the colors and the vowels. If you want your children to practice at home, go on youtube and look for : "Los Colores" and "Las Vocales." This would be very helpful for your children because they would continue learning and listening to the vocabulary we are teaching in the classroom.

Remember to ask them everyday what they learned in school. We hope the children are coming home happy and feeling more comfortable with the routine. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please just let us know. We love hearing from you.

Thank you so much and best regards,

Ms. Rocio and Ms. Marseille