Super Fly Fierce Pack

4 Teams - working together!

What is the Super Fly Fierce Pack?????

This year - your MMs have teamed up to share our ideas, tips, tasks and ways to work Smarter NOT Harder! Sooo - we have named our TEAMWORK the #SuperFlyFiercePack and we can't wait to work together this year.

Hope you are all as excited as we are - Just think, it will be like having 4 mentors!! So - here is our FIRST NEWSLETTER - be on the look out for MORE!
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Pop Up TIME!!

It's time to get BOOKING!! And I don't just mean for January - I mean PLAN AHEAD - take the stress out of this fun fashionable opportunity! I have added some Calendar Templates (bottom of this page) you can use (and keep with you) to get your calendar booked. You can also post these in your VIP pages or email them to potential hosts - showing your available dates!

Make sure you mark off time for your family - make sure the dates you are showing available - you can actually Pop Up! Use PicMonkey to edit these calendars to show your availability or just use two different highlighters to mark your dates.

NOW - I bet you need some Potential Hostesses!!!

Have you sorted your contacts by those that have selected that they would be interested in Hosting? O YES! you can do that now!!! Check out this post in the National Facebook Page!

Need to be reminded of who to prospect as a Hostess - check out The Finding the Perfect Hostess training! So many great ideas!

Check out this link to see all the crazy fun Holidays for Theme Inspiration!

These are todays Holidays!!

  • Quirky Holidays: Milk Day, Hot Toddy Day, Clean Off Your Desk Day, Learn Your Name In Morse Code Day

You might even find, as you look at some of these silly holidays that a particular person comes to mind - Reach out to them with your fun idea. OR maybe one of the holidays would be perfect for a fundraiser!! Keep your mind open as you look through all these links (you never know what you are going to come up with).

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January Hostess incentive!!

I LOVE this necklace and I think your Hostesses will too. Head to the Merch Perch and check out the January Planning calendar for some great theme ideas for your January Pop Ups!!

Style all of their new outfits and get them ready for Valentine's day!!

Connect with your Merchandise Manager!!

Todays NEWS brought to you by...

Dianne Dixon

Hey CandI Sisters! I am the MM for #TeamFLY! I am about to hit 2 years with Chloe + Isabel and I am about to hit one year as an MM (Merchandise Manager). I have #Forever40 status and I am a Merchandiser working my business - Just Like YOU!

I am ready to show 2016 how great it can be! I look forward to sharing ideas and tip with you this year. Together we can all reach our goals!