The native american tribes

by:Riley Sarah Jackie and Lupita

1.What tribes live in region?

The Indian tribes that live in the Piedmont region are the Tutelo,Suara,Eno,Ocaneechi,Saponi,Catawba,and the Waxhaw.

2.How do the tribes in your region use natural resources to suvive?

The tribes use hay for their roof,mud to keep their houses from falling apart,dirt and water for making mud,trees to make their arrows and rocks to make the arrow heads They also used deer heads for stuff.

3.what recources do our tribes need to make their houses?

Hay for the roof, water,dirt

4.what resources do your tribes use for food?

They use meat,wood tree sap and fur.

5.How does their needs impact where they choose to live?

It says they can made things to survive the animals help on there impact and survive things.

6. What tools do your tribes use and what resources do they use to make them?

They use wood to make weapons .They used feathers to make clothes and animal skin to make clothes and dresses.They used hay to make there houses and fish to eat and water and dirt.

7.Describe the communtiy of your tribe .what are the different roles ?How do natraul resourses impact your tribes survival?

It is like now days we have certain jobs just as Indian's did when it rains they put out buckets to catch the rain water.