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Just an optimist

To at least prepare for this possibility so I am not completely crushed. I need to be strong. If she is not there, I need to ensure I am the best Token in Camp. I will need to do whatever is asked of me to make sure I am worth their investment. I will have to find a way to earn my freedom.

As my eyes finally give in to their heavy weight, there is a loud wenatcheefollies knocking at our door. Since wenatcheefollies I am already awake, I get up and turn the bamboo knob. Zeke is standing outside. Come on. You are all scheduled to leave for processing in 30 minutes.

You don’t need to bring any of your possessions with you, they are not allowed. All of you, let’s go. Benja, Nayze, and Yency are all slowly moving about, and we head out the door following Zeke. We march down the trail through the cold morning sand to the edge of the beach. The salty smell wenatcheefollies begins to pierce our nostrils.

Floating out in the waters are our ship transports. There are five lined up across the shoreline with some of the Tokens who have already been purchased boarding. Zeke looks down at his schedule and directs, There. Ship 5, as his finger points to our assigned ship. wenatcheefollies Before we begin to make our way through the calm waves, Zeke gives us all a firm handshake and wishes us good luck.

As the others begin to head into the water, Zeke grabs my shoulder and says one more thing. Until we see each other again, Kincaid. He gives me another shake of the hand and leaves before I can question him. Why would he think we would ever see each other again? I will be a Token of Ridian, and he will live out his life as Hold on Island 3. Maybe he is who hates goodbyes.

I shrug it off and begin to follow my friends towards the ship transport. As I make my way through the waters, I mimic Nayze diving through the oncoming waves. When we reach the edge of the ship, the ocean waters are now chest deep. The craft is a long slender gray-bodied ship with two identical turbine engines that extend upward and flare out from the back of the ship. We are pulled in by Grods waiting in the boats.

There are six others already waiting on the boat. I can make out Isamar and Benoit, but the others at the wenatcheefollies back are difficult to see because the sun has not yet come up. One particularly irritable Grod hoarsely grunts.