Suamico News

Kyle Manson

Turkey Hunting

Shane took a kid out hunting turkeys last weekend. His name was Brandon. They went hunting in suamico at a farm near the suamico river. The kid got a turkey that weekend also. They could do this because of the Learn to hunt program out of Pulaski. Kyle went with and they sat there for over three hours and when we thought he wouldn't get anything a bunch of toms come out of the woods. Three of them see the decoy and come running. One of the birds got close and Brandon shot it with a good shot and when he saw it fall, a giant grin obstructed his face for the rest of the day.

Deer Hunting

During the gun season in November of 2014 Kyle shot the biggest buck of his life. His dad took him out of school to go. They went for the entire 9 days of the season. They werehunting in Door County. It was in the afternoon and they were sitting for over 4 or 5 hours.

His dad taps him on the shoulder and grabs his gun. He looks up and sees it. He grabs his gun and at almost the same time they shot. It takes of running. They kept shooting tell they couldn't see it. They had to have shot a total of 6 times.

They go to see where it went and they hear it in the trees. They see it laying there and we were so excited and we followed the path it took. They came to the conclusion Kyle was the one that hit it because there was a patch of hair at a point where he shot so they said he was the one to get it. He was so happy.

Aquaries House Trip

Monday April 13, the Aquarius house went on a field trip to discovery world in Milwaukee Wisconsin. They got to learn about water and how it is cleaned and purified. They also got to learn about new technology like simulators and sound waves and electricity. They had a list of questions they had to answer while they walked around the museum. Many of the kids didn't like this. Kyle Manson said "how will this help us learn if we spend all the time answering questions and not look at things." They ended the day by riding a bus home for two long hours.