9/11 Memorial Projects

Gifted and Talented Enrichment

Did you know that a 9/11 Memorial is being erected on a plot of land close to the new Walhalla High School? That's right! The organizers of the Mountain Lakes Memorial got wind of the September 11th projects OUR GT students did and want to check them out! The visitors will be here Friday and might just be selecting YOUR student to interview about their project! I haven't had a chance to share this news with them - so feel free to break it to them and have them practice what they will say if they are chosen to speak! Here are some pointers:

  1. Hi - my name is ___________ and I am in ______ grade.
  2. We learned about the events of September 11th through the reading of _____________ (The Little Chapel that Stood, American Under Attack, Heroes of 911).
  3. Why did they choose to build the memorial (write the story, or create the Glog) that they did?
  4. Why do they think it is important to remember these events?