Mama, Happy Mother's Day!

Love, Emily

Dear Mama,

Happy Mother's Day! You are the best mama ever! I am so happy you are my mama. Thank you for doing so many awesome things for me like helping me with my projects. Because of your help, I am now able to do my own projects like making collages. Thank you for making sure I am doing well in school and for caring about my grades. Thank you for helping me with the Science Project and the History Project. Thank you for making sure I understand math concepts, even though I don't want to go over them. In the end, I end up understanding the concept. Thank you for being patient with me when I am being dumb and not understanding the math concept.
Thank you for taking me to birthday parties even though they aren't fun to you. Thank you for doing things for me that you know make me happy. Thank you for letting me get Minecraft on the computer and iPad. Thank you for buying me stuff like food. Thank you for going out to buy dinner for us when Daddy doesn't want to cook or can't because he is sick.
Thank you so much for being an awesome friend and playing board games for me. Thank you for planting stuff in the garden and doing yard work so we can enjoy our beautiful yard! I will love you forever. Thank you for being so amazing and the best mama ever!!!

Love you!


Mothers Day Haiku that I Made Up

Guess who's the best mom?

You are the best mom ever!

Happy Mother's Day!

(line that does not count in the haiku because that would disqualify it as a haiku) XOXOXOX