LRC Happenings: 9/22/14

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Did you know?

The LRC teachers created a new curriculum and framework with four areas of focus:


So students will be successful for life.

1. Promote Love of Reading

What will students be able to do?

  • Read for a variety of purposes and across content areas
  • Independently read a significant number of books and texts each year (fiction, nonfiction, and variety of genres)

2. Informational Literacy

What will students be able to do?

  • Engage in the information literacy process: assess, evaluate, and communicate information & ideas
  • Utilize digital tools and resources to investigate real-world issues, answer questions, or solve problems
  • Use technological resources to develop and refine questions for investigation
  • Use a variety of skills and strategies to comprehend nonfiction and informational text

3. Digital Citizenship

What will students be able to do?

  • Understand and practice appropriate, legal, and safe uses of technology for lifelong learning

4. STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math)

What will students be able to do?

    • Apply widely the 4 C's (Communication, Critical thinking, Creativity, Collaboration) in a variety of real-world settings.
    • Tinker, dissect, explore, modify, create and produce STEAM related elements/objects. (Creation Station)
    • Use interest, and self-directed motivation to complete a process to produce an end goal. (Genius Hour)

    Article: Why in the LRC?

    Article: Why STEAM Matters

    Open Library EVERYDAY from 9:30-3:30

    • Students need to be independent
    • No more than 4 students from class at one time
    • Alexandria is on the Rupley or LRC Website
    • Can look up books using Alexandria in class, or at home BEFORE coming to LRC
    • Students should have ongoing "What I Want to Read" page in their LRC journal to help during open library/LRC class
    • New signage in non-fiction areas to help find books easier
    • Fiction organized by genre coming soon

    Teacher Corner Coming Soon!

    With the roll out of the integrated units, CCSS and new balanced literacy best practices, a new TEACHER book section will be in the LRC.

    • Mentor texts will be organized by application, reading or writing focus. (for example: cause & effect, sequencing, voice, etc)
    • Fiction & non-fiction text sets
    • Integrated unit theme book lists available
    • and MORE!

    Make school irresistible! Let's make sure our Rupley kids don't feel like they are being held captive!!

    Ellen Meets the ‘Apparently’ Kid, Part 1

    A place to wonder, dream, think, create, explore