Theories of motivation


Drive reduction theory

As a boss i need to motivate my employees, and for this i'm sure the drive reduction theories is the solution. Imagine you are at home, during one week doing nothing, absolutely nothing. You will probably get bored pretty easily, and this is why you need to work, to prevent you from boredom. There is nothing better than this feeling of accomplishing something useful.

Stimulus motives

We can start by define Stimulus motive, that's the desire of stimulation( sensory, activity and exploration). I know there is nothing worse than get bored at work, the absence of stimulation is a terrible experience. We all have a desire for sensory stimulation, at different level i understand, but i'll never allow a boring day at work.

Types of goals

There is two type of goals, the performance goals and the learning goals. If you are more motivate by performance goals, you should already see yourself at my place or even higher in the hierarchy of the company. If you are more motivate by learning goals, you will be even more motivate by the opportunity of learning for learning. You will discover new things every day, i make the promise.

Types of reward

There is two type of reward, extrinsic and intrinsic rewards. In extrinsic reward, you will be more motivate by your salary, the respect from your co-workers and everything from the outside. If you are more in intrinsic reward you will be motivate by self satisfaction, just the happiness of realize you've done your work. In this session you will learn how to be satisfied of yourself, satisfied of your work and accomplish task for your self esteem.

Positive emotion

Happiness is certainly one of the best thing in life and i'll make sure that your work will bring you some. The base of motivation is happiness, and people around you( me and your co-workers) can help you to be happier all day along. And if someone is mad, angry or sad we can try to support him and understand him to make him feel happy.