Balanced and Unbalenced Forces

Balanced forces and what they are.

When a force is balanced, the forces that are acting on the object are equal. Like a chair not moving. The force acting on the chair and the force acting on the floor are equal.

More balanced forces.

Balanced forces can only remain balanced forces if the object is stationary or if it continues moving like it has been moving. Like a satellite, they move around the earth constantly. And in balanced forces the 2 forces always act equally.

Now I will talk about unbalanced forces.

What are Unbalanced Forces?

Unbalanced forces are when one force is greater then the other force. Like when a car drives across the road it is an unbalanced force because the car is moving forward and the road is stationary.

Unbalanced Forces

To make a force an unbalanced force it needs to either start moving, stop moving or change the direction it was moving. Like these tug of war players. One side is using more force then the other, so the rope is moving closer to the other side.

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