"A Christmas Carol" Background

Ian Keyes

Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens' first book, published in 1836, was called "Sketches for Boz", followed by the publication of the first issue of "The Pickwick Papers". Charles Dickens soon became popular for his writing. On December 18, 1843, "A Christmas Carol" was published, which increased the popularity of Christmas in the Victorian Era.
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The Victorian Era

As for fashion, Men wore frock coats over waistcoats and vests. Women wore dresses with puffy sleeves and flower trimming over corsets and chemises.

Housing in the city was typically compact with tall thin houses. Farther away from the city, houses were the large Victorian style homes you are familiar with.

Industrial Revolution

The Victorian Era was the first time that iron and steel were popularly used. During this era, machines like the steam engine and the spinning jenny were invented.
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Child labor/poverty

For the rich, life in the Victorian era was leisurely, but for the poor, life usually was mostly working. Because so many families were in poverty, child labor was common. Children five and older worked in mines.

Victorian school system

The school system in the Victorian Era had two stages, primary, which was children ages 5-11, and secondary, which was children ages 12-18.