Brooke Lemke

5 Themes of Meography


Definition: The way that people, goods, ideas, and information move from one place to another.

Transportation: cars, buses, bikes, and walking.

Goods: Shirts, shoes, towels, and pants.

Communication: Phones, and talking in person.

Places that I have traveled: Kansas, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Florida.


Definition: An area defined by certain similar and unifying characteristics. There are Human and Physical characteristics in the regions.

Human: A human characteristic in the Midwest region are all the roads.

Physical: A physical characteristic in the Midwest region are all the lakes.

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Human Environmental Interaction

Definition: How people adapt to modify and depend on the environment, they can be positive and negative ways. There are 3 kinds of HEI, adapt, modify, depend. Adapt is to make something suitable for a new use/purpose. Modify is to make partial or minor changes to something. Depend is to rely on something for support or maintenance.

Adapt: I wear warmer and cooler clothing based on the weather.

Modify: I plant trees.

Depend: On the Sun.


Definition: There are two types of location, absolute and relative. Absolute is specific, like latitude and longitude. Relative is approximate.

Absolute: 45.6092° N, 94.4517°

Relative: Across the street from Upper Spunk Lake, on the west side.

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Definition: An area that is defined by everything in it. There is 2 kinds of place, Human and Physical Characteristics. Human is what is put in place by humans.

Human: Human Characteristics by my house are trees, a lake, woods, swamps, and rocks.

Physical: Physical Characteristics by my house are houses, roads, a boat landing, deer stands, and mail boxes.

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