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Week of April 20, 2015

Principal's Message

One of the items we discussed with the guiding coalition last week is the need to plan good quality and rigorous questions? Why are questions so important? When you ask questions in the classroom, you are modeling a process that students can and should use themselves. Effective questioning sessions in the classroom require advance preparation. While you might consider yourself skilled in spontaneous questioning, many find that such questions have phrasing problems, are not organized in a logical sequence, or do not require students to use the desired thinking skills.The following contains some steps for planning effective questions.

Questioning Strategies

  1. Decide on your goal or purpose for asking questions. Your goal should help you determine what levels of questions you will ask.
  2. Select the content for questioning. Choose material which you consider important rather than trivial. Students will study and learn based on the questions you ask. Do not mislead them by emphasizing less important material.
  3. Phrase your questions carefully.
  4. When planning your questions try to anticipate possible student responses.
  5. Until you are quite skilled at classroom questioning you should write your main questions in advance. Arrange your list in some logical sequence (specific to general, lower level to higher level, a sequence related to content). Should you think of additional or better questions during the questioning process, you can be flexible and add those or substitute them for some of your planned questions. However, having a prepared list of questions will help to assure that you ask questions appropriate for your goals and representative of the important material.

(Found from an excerpt from the Center for Innovation in Teaching and Learning. )

Let's Finish Strong by preparing and asking rigorous questions.

STAAR Reminders

This week is a very important week for all 3rd-5th grade teachers, students and our school. It takes a village to make this week run smoothly. I want to thank Mr. Lowry, our testing coordinator and Ms. Szarzynski for working hard to plan the best testing environment for our students. I know that we may be pulling some of you away from your regular assigned duties, but please know that our students and our school need and appreciate your understanding and flexibility. We were able to keep planning periods for Monday and Tuesday. However, we were not able to for Wednesday due to the number of small groups. You are welcome to take your students to the city park during your planning period on Wednesday but please no more than 45 minutes. Everyone with the exception of the test administrators, will have a duty free lunch this week. I know that our student and our school will finish strong with everyone's effort and cooperation! These are our kids and our scores, let's ensure the best testing environment for our students! Let's make it a great STAAR week and don't forget to wear your STAAR t-shirts this week to encourage our students. Also don't forget the potluck lunches Monday-Wednesday.

Administrative Professionals Week

This week we celebrate our administrative professionals. Take time this week to let our front office ladies how much we appreciate everything they do for us. From answering calls, to copies, there is no job that these ladies won't do for all of us. Thank you for truly holding everything together!

TAG teacher of the Week

We are skipping the TAG teacher of the week this week because of all of the testing days occurring. We will resume next week.


Hard Work- the result of the amount of time and effort a person puts into something

The word of the week will be read in the auditorium. Have the designated student(s) in the auditorium by 7:45.

Quote of the Week:

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April 20

5th grade STAAR Math

Grade window for 5th six weeks closes

Birthday Breakfast provided

Pizza lunch/potluck

April 21

3rd/4th Grade STAAR testing

Chicken lunch/potluck

April 22

3rd,4th, 5th grade STAAR testing

sandwich lunch/potluck

Administrative Professionals Day

April 23

Lions Wanna Have Funds, Arts Partners

April 25

Job Fair


May 1

Career Day

Talent Show

May 8

Field Day