"Where ALL the GOOD Lives"

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What is it...


will be the place where all of the GOOD that happens in North Tulsa can live, breath and multiply! We will be the spark that ignites the passion and pride that bubbles under the collective surface of our community!

Why is it important...

All you need to do is embark on a Google image search of North Tulsa and it becomes crystal clear that ILoveNorthTulsa.Com is critical for our community...for our CITY. The problem is not negative or accurate coverage of the "bad" that happens in our community, the problem is the absence of a collective stage where the "good" can shine, live, thrive and multiply. We need a place where the GOOD can live, that will shine a light on what is RIGHT in our community. Growth comes from focusing on strength and not weakness. How can our children love where they live if they are constantly bombarded with images that say otherwise. Instead of waiting for someone else to build the stage, YOU can help build it through the ILoveNorthTulsa.Com movement. WE are the leaders we've been waiting on!!

What we are...

We are a collective space for where our communities compassion, intelligence, creativity and soul shines through...

We are a living breathing testament to the sacrifice and bravery of those that have come before us...

We are a negativity free zone...

We are a voice for justice and equality to ALL races and ethnicity...

We are a progression and growth tool for everyone in our community regardless of race or ethnicity...

We are believers in our children, we not only believe but EXPECT them to do great things and we will be there to tell the world all about it...

We are uniters and not dividers, in order for Tulsa to be a World Class city, Greatness in all areas of the city must be represented.

What we are NOT...

We are not a space for negativity to flourish and breed. This does not mean that we will ignore disparity in our community however our approach will be to build and grow through focuses what is RIGHT...

We are not an African-American movement. North Tulsa's demographics are evolving daily and we are a movement for ALL people of good will and like mind...

We are not a young person's movement, our content, merchandise and community engagement will have multigenerational appeal...

We are not an outlet for old grievance to be rehashed and debated, we are leaning forward in every way...

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ILoveNorthTulsa.Com Coming Oct. 2013

How will it work...

ILoveNorthTulsa.Com is a content driven online tool for community engagement and enrichment. Below are our exclusive content areas and their descriptions:


Our community overflows with fashionistas!!! From the young lady going out for a night on the town to sister who is on her to church on Sunday Morning. Our Fashion content will focus on the latest fashion trends, dressing for the occasion, total makeovers, fashion blogging and beauty.

Are you a involved In the fashion or beauty industry and would like more information about our Fashion content? Please call Tanya Scott/Fashion Content Editor, ILoveNorthTulsa.Com



Our business section will have two equally important focuses. First, spotlighting and celebrating the entrepreneurial spirit that is alive in North Tulsa. We want to support our community business leaders and their businesses alike. Second, providing financial planning tools that will inform and enrich our readers through partnerships with economic leaders and interest groups that already exist in the community

If you are a business owner, an interested consumer or have a story idea for us...please contact Justin Daniels/ Business Content Editor, ILoveNorthTulsa.Com


Mind (Education)

Our mind and education content will be our most robust section. Primarily we will focus on providing supplemental tools for students to practice and hone their scholastic aptitude. Students of all ages spend hours on end perusing social media sites and watching video clips. Our goal is to become THE place for students to have fun online while learning and growing. We will give them the tools to shape our communities future through their educational success. We haven't forgotten about those of us who have earned our education but still want to stay sharp. Our education content will include mind sharpening tools. For example we will offer a monthly tool for increasing memory capacity. Last, we want to shine a bright spotlight on fantastic educators and administrators who work tirelessly each day in our North Tulsa schools.

Do you have a topic you would like us to cover? Please contact Greg Hope/ Mind (Education) Content Editor, ILoveNorthTulsa.Com



North Tulsa is home to hundreds of anointed, compassionate, word-based ministries, we live in North Tulsa and we Worship in North Tulsa. Our Faith section will feed your soul through monthly editorials from North Tulsa's Kingdom leaders. We will take you inside musicals and church anniversaries. We will take you into choir rehearsals to experience high praise and intimate worship in our monthly choir spotlight. We also know that Faith does not stop at the church doors, in fact it starts there. So we will also have a Faith blog for readers to share, learn and get invigorated in the Faith. Faith is glue the holds us together and we will celebrate it at

Do you have a Faith based event coming up that you would like us to know about, or is their a specific topic you like to see on the site? If so, please contact Reshena Johnson/ Faith Content Editor


The Editorial

The Editorial will give readers monthly content that will inform their World view and empower their perspectives through thoughtful and bold writing. You will find yourself coming back for more and more each month.

Do you have a topic you would like us to editorialize on the site? If so, please contact Raymond Kelly/Associate Editorial Writer ILoveNorthTulsa.Com



Our Body content will focus on healthy and positive living. We live in a generation that is starved for time which makes it hard to find healthy dinner recipes that taste great or exercise....we don't have time. Well our body content will give you easy access to quick resources to live a more healthy and balanced lifestyle. This section will also house a healthy living blog where readers can share tips and organize community workouts.

The Happening

Each day North Tulsa plays host to many diverse activities, programs and special events. The Happening will give you quick and easy access to what is going on in Tulsa on a weekly basis. In order to participate in community events you must first be aware that they are happening. This section will be pivotal for those North Tulsa movers and shakers who enjoy networking in the community. This section will also aid us in mobilizing and organizing community improvement and enrichment efforts.

Do you have a community event that we you would like us to share? If so, please contact Justin Daniels/ Editor at Large ILoveNorthTulsa.Com


Arts and Entertainment

In this section we will spotlight local artists and their crafts. North Tulsa is home to some of the best visual artists, photographers, actors, singers, musicians, artisans, poets, dancers and spoken word artists in the country and they deserve the opportunity to show their community what they can do. In addition linkage between the arts and core subjects in education creates well rounded students with broad perspectives. We want to create a partnership with Tulsa Public Schools and existing community arts programs to host free art and entertainment events for the community.

Do you have an Arts or Entertainment event that you would like to see on the site? Please contact Crystal Brown/ Arts and Entertainment Content Editor, ILoveNorthTulsa.Com


North Tulsa Pride Shop

Have you ever thought, "I would love to have a T-shirt to represent my community." Problem solved!!! The North Tulsa Pride Shop will be North Tulsa first and only resource for merchandise that celebrates the faith that dark past has taught us, the hope that the present has brought us and the energy that the future will bring. The pride shop will have t-shirts both long and short sleeves, calendars, coffee mugs, bumper stickers, window decals....and much more.

Below are examples of items that will be available in North Tulsa Pride Shop on ILoveNorthTulsa.Com!!!

For product information or inquiries, please contact Justin Daniels/Editor at Large, ILoveNorthTulsa.Com



Coming October 2013! For sponsorship and advertising information please contact Justin Daniels (Founder/Editor-In-Chief) @ (918)277-2128 or Greg Hope (Chief Operations Officer) @ (918)637-8884