By: Julius Crenshaw


  • Medium sized dog
  • Legs are long as the length of their body
  • Rounded head is wedge shaped
  • Nose has wide nostrils, can come in fawn, tan, and deep pink; black is not permitted in show ring
  • Eyes come in color of brown to shades of amber and hazel
  • Have triangular ears
  • Feet are small, with thick pads
  • Tail is naturally short, or docked
  • The coat is lightly feathered, never curly, but either flat or wavy
  • The American Kennel Club recognizes all colors, except black


  • Very intelligent, and easy to handle and train for hunting, also a very active and enthusiastic hunter
  • A loving, gentle, obedient and always eager to please
  • Because of the hunting background, its likes to roam
  • Very good companion dog also.

Height and Weight

In Males: 17-21 inches and 35-40 pounds

In Females: 18-20 inches and 30-40 pounds

Health Problems

Prone to hip dysplasia, seizures and breast cancer.

Living Conditions

  • not recommended for apartment life
  • resistant to cold and damp conditions


  • loves extensive exercise and has great stamina

Life Expectancy

  • about 12-15 years


  • regular brushing is really all that is needed to keep a clean coat
  • bathe or dry shampoo when necessary
  • regularly check ears
  • a light shedder