Tylar Holtan

I am AWESOME!!!!!!!!

About Me!

I am a female

I'm in 7th grade

I love music and love to sing

I am in basketball, volleyball, and softball

I have 2 siblings

I am 43% extrovert and 57% introvert

I am creative, I always have new ideas, and my inspiration comes from the inside.
I am also able to listen to others , I show a good emotion intelligence, i know how to bring my support to others.

Finally I am a leader, I know how to organize the groups of the groups of persons and give my energy.

I understand my environment.

At 38% I am attached to a moral values and feelings, and I have an emotional relation with the environment
A ratio of 36% , I am focused on the facts and on the reality and my decisions are determined by my perception on facts.
Finally, at 25%, I am centered on your thoughts and my actions are determined by my knowledge and my experience.

How I assert myself :

In my relations with others, my inspiration and my creativity, my artistic or spiritual impulse have an influence of 58%. Also my family and personal ties interfere at 41%.
Also, my actions and behaviour are determined by my sensibility and that of my partner at a ratio of 56%. Then I am driven at 43% by own will and personal goals.
Finally, my point of view and my decision-making are motivated by my inner conviction at 53%. Dialogue and exchange of views with others are taken into account at 46%.

The qualities that characterize my personality at this time:

I am 23% creative
My thinking is 21%
My emotional intelligence is at 19%
My imagination is 19%
Leadership skills 17%