Sepak takraw (Kick VollyBall)

Traditional Indonesian Sport

Sepak Takraw:

Sepak takraw is a traditional sport of Indonesia and has 3 players on one team. It was first developed in the 15th century and is most commonly played indoor or on the beach. The teams of 3 have to use a ball or a rattan ball and it must be kicked over the volleyball net.It has the same rules as soccer only not allowing you to us e your hands. Many people consider it as footvolley [football/volleyball], foot tennis [football/tennis] and also keepie uppies over a net [juggling].

It started in Malacca and spread across Riau islands to Riau in Sumatra. From Sumatra it expanded to Buginese people in Sulawesi. The person of Sulawesi’s favourite sport was Raga until they introduced the sport of Sepak Takraw.

Why is speak takraw popular

It is such a popular sport due to it being so unique by combining two famous sports. It spread because the Indonesian people have adopted it to its culture and has made it their own. It is like Australia’s AFL it’s basically their country sport by changing the outline and developed the sport and is often asked why it is not an Olympic sport.